Otaku Expo 2015

Last 01/25/2015, I went to SM Megamall since I saw a post in Facebook that there will be a Gundam Expo that will be held on the Mega Trade hall. Looks like I overlooked that since it turned out to be an “Otaku Expo” instead. Since I already spent 2 hours travelling to the venue and I just cant go home without doing something in order to justify my long trip, I still decided to go inside and attend the event.

DSCN1244The line was not long although the wait made me a bit antsy…


…And sure enough I was able to buy a ticket for the event worth 120.00 PHP. I don’t have a job for the moment so everything feels very pricey…


…And this is the one that greeted me when I finally got inside: Dakimakuras or hugging pillows with either girly anime characters (for the males) or masculine males printed on it. I prefer normal pillows but IF I get the chance to buy one, it will be more on collecting it rather than using it…


…Well, there is the Gunpla I was looking for. I could have entered however it’s only exclusive for those who have gave a like on Facebook. Bummer… If only I had a reliable pre-paid internet connection at home, I may had checked more info on how to join this part of the event…

DSCN1252…And so I stared enviously at them while they were working on their kits. I could have sworn I may had killed everyone that day because of jealousy but I suppressed that feeling for world peace…


…And the kits that they have for sale aren’t that many for some reason. As advertised, 40% off only on selected kits. I would have gotten a price if I went to Greenhills …


…And more pics of people to show…

DSCN1257…No chairs to sit when watching the people performing on the stage, so all of us has to sit on the cold floor…


…But there sure were a lot of chairs when it comes to playing video games on the PS3 booths. They have Guilty Gear Xrd, Arcana Heart 3, Marvel VS. Capcom 2 and Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, just to name a few.


…For merchandise, it ranges from clothes, to pins…

DSCN1267…To oppai mouse pads (I bet you have one right now, Yoyo!)…


…To customized anime T-shirts, shoes, hoodies…

DSCN1269…And more stuff to browse…


…There’s even classes offered to learn about Japan w/c includes Japanese language lessons…


…And pillows…


…Based on console games of the yesteryears…


…And customized mugs to boot…


…One thing I have noticed, and cannot understand (and will not understand) is that they are selling pirated products like the fake DVDs on the table. If this is an official event, then why are they promoting crap like this?? Either Ozine Magazine may had overlooked this or they allowed this monstrosity in the event…


…Hugging Pillow, anyone??…


…2,000 PHP for a hugging pillow?? Hmm… Anyone that desperate to bring home a pillow of happiness (or tragedy) in your homes? I’ll pass for now since I cant even afford a Nendoroid version of Millefiori Firianno Biscotti from Dog Days…


…She is one of the few people in the event that is selling the Dakimakuras. I got permission to get a photograph of her and I must say she is one of the most beautiful cosplayers that I met during the event. Can’t stop looking at her (damn, have I turned into some kind of pervert??) since she looks so perfect cosplaying Ai Enma from Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl). She looks like she is saying, “Buy a Dakimakura”…


…”Or else I will curse you and send you straight to hell”… Okay that was just my hyperactive mind saying that crap (har har…) and I was joking. looking further…

…I was able to witness the Super Karaoke Contest (what is so super about this Karaoke Contest anyway??) and I will post my graded review regarding their performance. NO bias here, just plain brutal honesty. Here we go (powtek!)…


Contestant #1. 7/10


Contestant #2. 8/10


Contestant #3 wowed the crowd and me as well. His performance was really great. 9.5/10.


Contestant #4. 6.5/10


Contestant #5. 6.5/10


Contestant #6. 6.0/10


Contestant #7. 3.0/10.


Contestant #8. 3.0/10


Contestant #9. 7.0/10.


Contestant #10. 4.0/10. Her high pitched voiced made my ears bleed.


Contestant #11. 8.0/10


Contestant #12. 3.0/10.


Contestant #13. 6.5/10.


Contestant #14. 3.0/10.


Contestant #15. Unfortunately, this contestant was not able to sing at all so it’s a bit sad.


…Surprisingly, contestant #13 won, an atrocious act made by the bleeding judges’ crazy minds. If I can only protest, I would have done so right now for the crap they have done (pati ba naman dito sa Otaku Fest meron paring anomalya??)…

Below are some of the pics I took w/c includes trading cards, figurines by Team Oni-chan and much more…


…And this concludes my report for the 2nd day of Otaku Fest 2015 sponsored by Otakuzine Anime Magazine. My Bladder is about to burst so I need to log out now. Perhaps I will also attend the next event this coming April. Hmm…


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