The Archer Appreciation Page

Name: Archer
Notable Nicknames: Archer the Collector, Archer the Tiger-eyes, Archer the Wuss-ass, Archer the Jerk-ass.

*The featured picture above is not his real picture but his avatar since the person in question wants to have privacy and does not want to be exposed.

Brief History: I first met Archer when I first worked on XBOX after the previous account that I worked with died. Archer at a first glance for what my memory serves me correctly was a bit boastful, especially about all the things he said about his collection which is mostly anime related stuff, his “training” that he received when he was young thanks to his old man which really toughened him, and his amazing feats in which the average person would not be able to achieve.

My memory is a bit fuzzy and distorted about the other details about this great person but all I can say that I was able to be friends with him and able to learn more about his life. He told me stories about life in which I either neglected or acknowledged whatever moral it contained. He told me about his favorite anime like the Fate/Stay Night series and he looked down on my choice of anime I was watching (I was hooked on Mahoromatic back then).

He told me I was his anti-thesis since I was a “berserker” during work when talking to irate customers and he said that I like violence a lot. He is sarcastic and makes fun of me most of the time for I don’t know what reason but I bet he just wants to see how I will react. He told me about his mother who passed away when he was watching Zeta Gundam that time (my sincerest condolences once again) and so on and so forth.

Okay, so we were like polar opposites, like two different puzzle pieces that was just forced to fit. He is sarcastic most of the time but deep down, Archer is really kind and a great guy. I consider him as an older brother of sorts since he acts mostly the voice of reason that I did not heed most of the time, and his generosity comes in the form of giving me some of his collection of anime that he personally downloaded and sometimes treats me to food.

One thing that really impressed me is the collected digital download series in his possession are reserved for the people of the future generation so that if someone would like to watch a show that can no longer be found then he would be able to give it for free. I looked up to this person since he is like some sort of super hero in disguise (like Mask Rider Black) and I was not able to thank him that much before he left the company we were both working for back then. So I decided to create this page as my way of thanks for everything he did for me. Thanks a bunch Mr. Archer!


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