Into the “dig”: The world of Japan Surplus Houses

Many years ago, Mr. Archer and I ventured inside a Japan Surplus House near Sto. Domingo Church in Quezon City along side Quezon Avenue. A Japan Surplus House is like a warehouse where they sell anything that is imported from Japan like second hand appliances, kitchen ware, exercise equipment, and other things you may normally see on a flea market. However, this is also a good place for Anime related goods so in order to find your treasure, you have to look for it whatever method you can use. Okay, time to dig the booty!

*This is a re-post since the first time I posted this was on the already de-commissioned


I was able to finally buy an original copy of Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Symphonia for the PS2. They still work and the games that I bought are still in mint working condition. The other 2 titles was reserved for Archer but I’m not sure if he was able to purchase it.

SAMSUNGMore PS2 titles just waiting there to be bought there by interested parties. It’s possible most of it was already purchased.


There are also some Nintendo 64 games just gathering dust. The same goes for the PS2 and Nintendo Game Cube.


Original Game Boy Advance Games and still in mint condition, but it’s a bit pricey. Thankfully, you can negotiate for a lower price when checking out on the cashier. This applies for all the things being sold inside.


More PS2 consoles with controllers


Dragon Ball manga. When you put the volumes in order, there’s a poster of sorts that you can view. Very brilliant, indeed.


That is the front cover for the manga series “Uchu Kyodai” or Space Brothers. It was later adapted into an anime last April, 1, 2012. I think I’ll watch it someday since I heard its 99 episodes long which is a perfect time waster.


More magazines to browse



I’m a fan of the Shuffle! series and I was able to buy 3 of this character boxes(?). I don’t know know the official name of this product but it includes an art book, drama CD, and also a small figurine with a base where you can put it to stand. If anyone knows the official name of this product, please let me know on the comments section below. They are still in mint condition when I opened it, except for Sia’s since her ladle was broken. Fortunately, I was able to fix it with Mighty Bond.

SAMSUNGEven Jack Skellington was not spared from being sold

SAMSUNGShining Wind product from the Shining series of video games. On the left we see Flay Allster from the Gundam Seed series. Anyone wants to take her home? 

SAMSUNGGundam Fight! Ready, Go! Asura Gundam and Skull Gundam got miniaturized and box. I wonder if they ever got sold.

SAMSUNGGundam Toy Book featuring the good ‘ol Zaku II. It includes a book about it’s origins and the actual figurine of this tried and tested mobile suit cannon fodder.


May the force be with you!SAMSUNG

More Dragon Ball products to boot

SAMSUNGNeon Genesis Evangelion. I never liked that series for some reason

And this concludes my report for today. I may post more about this in the future and IF that were to happen, you can bet I will make another blog for that as well here. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Into the “dig”: The world of Japan Surplus Houses

  1. Very awesome adventure you had there! Thanks for sharing this, I’ll be visiting that place some time soon 😀

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