The Hundred Islands Adventure

April 4, 2013, I embarked on a little trip to see the famed Hundred Islands of Pangasinan as part of my 2 day vacation. To be honest, I was really excited on seeing the famous tourist destination since I only was able to see the islands on picture books and never got to see it personally. For today’s blog entry, I will chronicle my waking hours during the trip and what has transpired during my adventure.

My mother, who is a high school teacher, sometimes have outings together with her teaching staff and since they will go to the hundred islands, I decided to join them to reduce expenses since traveling alone will cost a lot. We started our trip about 2 in the morning since we will travel by road aboard vans that her school has rented. We were three groups in all so we have three vans zooming on the dark road towards Pangasinan.

We also have the husbands of my mother’s friends who also joined the trip and unfortunately, their wrath was incurred due to the tour guide’s unacceptable behavior. It’s a good thing they were easy to pacify and the trip resumed properly. One of the vans broke down so the remaining 2 vans continued the journey.

The first destination was the “Bolinao Falls” and believe me, going there was pure murder since the roads are rocky and hard for our vans to navigate, the place itself is in the middle of nowhere, and we got lost so many times trying to find this watery place of earthly delights. Again, the husbands complained since they want to see the Hundred Islands immediately and were no longer getting amused of what is happening. I think the tour guide tried to apologized to the angry husbands but I suppose it was not enough. All I can sense was that the husbands were ready to beat the crap out of the poor tour guide but it did not materialize. The van where I was riding had a malfunction but was easily repaired. SAMSUNGWhen we finally reached the falls, everyone was aghast because the famed “falls” looks just like the remote areas of Sapang Palay and anyone who is leaving near Norzagaray or Bigte would be familiar of these environments. Wasted time on the falls means less time on our SAMSUNGhands when it comes on exploring the famed islands. I was also wondering what possessed the travel agency to bring us to this accursed wild environment but there was nothing for us SAMSUNGto do but to wait until the other vans was able to catch up with us so that we can continue to the resort area where we will spend the night. Looking at the whole place, it is filled mostly SAMSUNGwith mosses and algae giving the whole place a cool look in the eyes. I wouldn’t swim there even if you bribed me with money. DSCN8909_zps12af1c84This is part of the resort area where we spent the night. I forgot the details of the other things that transpired since I was already asleep when we got there. This is also a photo of the teaching staff of Minuyan High School (MHS). My mother is in the center right holding something.

DSCN8960_zpsca4325bcDSCN8992_zpsb1631f45Day 2: HUNDRED ISLANDS!
After lunch we finally left the resort area and braced ourselves to finally see the Hundred Islands that we have been so excited to see since yesterday. After reaching the port, we boarded small boats that went near the islands. It’s just disappointing that we were not able to land on the actual islands, but for me, viewing them up close and taking pictures of them was already worth the money I paid for the trip.DSCN8998_zps961c9db6There is a bunch of islands that were already named after famous personalities in the Philippines, and as you can observe, this island was named after the late Eugenio Lopez, Jr, the former chairman of ABS-CBN.DSCN8980_zpse084dc0eIf there is a Lopez Island, then there is also a Marcos Island, named after one of the greatest presidents that the Philippines was able to produce. Too bad many sees him in a negative light.
         It wouldn’t be complete if his wife, Imelda, will not have an island of her own.DSCN9003_zps7afa2f31

DSCN9007_zps620b4a57This island is loaded with bats. Look at a-dem bats! Soooooo many. And in broad day light

DSCN8974_zps79b08c2aAnd this island looks like an aircraft carrier

DSCN8977_zps4508367cThis island looks like a turtle, well for me that is…


 And this one looks like Moby Dick. “Arrrr… Thou hast seen the white whale?”

DSCN8966_zps1d867741Lotsa islands as far as the eyes can see!



DSCN8971_zps7f79dc5bThe Hundred Islands were once part of the sea bed, but once the water subsided or lowered for good, the islands emerged as now as what we are seeing today. Not all the islands are habitable, since some of them are really small to sustain proper living conditions…

DSCN8972_zpsd29bc73b…like this one.

DSCN8959_zps3cbc1d2fHowever, I don’t think I’ll be able to live on any of these islands since first and foremost, there is no internet connection on any of these mini chunks of land.

DSCN8961_zpsa1fcd608Our boat just went and circled the islands for almost an hour. Thank goodness we did not manage to spring a leak. Then, I would definitely say that I had a “sinking” sensation during that disastrous event.



And after that we went home that same day. It was a good experience, except for the crummy tour guide and the horrible Bolinao Falls but I suppose this is a lesson learned to make sure to pick out a good travel agency before coughing up your money. Thanks for reading and make sure to write something on the comments section below.


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