HGUC 1/144 Gundam F91 Unboxing+Building+Review

20150409_181450I have always wanted a Gundam F91 model kit but never got the chance to buy it for some reason. Finally, last 2013, I was able to buy one but never had the chance to build it because I have this attitude or behavior of delaying things even though I really would like to do it now. Today I will unbox a High Grade Universal Century (HGUC) 1/144 scale Gundam F91 and build it.20150409_181632The Gundam F91 is the titular mobile suit from the movie of the same name. There was already a Master Grade (MG) version released before but I still opted to have the High Grade (HG) version instead since most of the kits that I have built are also HGs.

What is the difference between the MG and HG version? Well, for starters, the MG version is bigger and has more moving parts compared to the HG version but the HG version is cheaper and the quality of the plastic they use for newer HG models are better so it is just a matter of preference what kit you would like to build.


Nothing much I can say about the chest and torso section since it is sturdy.

20150409_211410This kit comes with two faces but I opted on using the default one but it was nice of Bandai on having them both be included on the kit. My complaint about this however, is that if you want to switch to a different face, you will need to remove the head from the kit and then slide the new one in. I was hoping there will be two heads for each face so that I don’t need to remove the face from the head when I feel the urge to switch to a different one.

20150409_21243520150409_212502And here is the head, body, and torso completed. I don’t use paint but I do use markers and panel liners to make the kit a bit detailed.

20150530_121928Arms and shoulder complete. Notice the yellow part where the left hand is located? That is the place where we will attach the beam shield later.

The legs are thin but sturdy. I applied panel lining to avoid it being too bland.
The waist section is complete with a touch of yellow to make it look better.      

20150531_134541For the armaments, we have the standard beam rifle, 2 beam swords, 2 VSBR (variable speed beam rifle), a beam launcher, and a nifty looking beam shield. For the trigger to appear on VSBR, just slide the front part forward.

20150531_143611With all the parts put together, we have now an awesome F91 in our midst.

20150531_214552For size comparison, my Victory 2 Gundam (V2 Gundam for short) looks a bit taller compared to my F91.

20150531_222352Like the V2 Gundam, you can now place the beam rifle on the left hand instead of just being able to place it on the right. The beam saber for some reason feels loose on the handle.

20150531_215109Having an action base# 2 is essential for aerial poses. The beam shield sometimes gets on the way whenever I try to move the left shoulder so prefer not to use it.

20150531_22070620150531_220831The VSBR is mounted at the back of the suit so you can use it whenever you feel like using long range attacks. You just need to change to a different pair of hands when using weapons with triggers.


20150531_221631The beam launcher is the last on the list and can also be placed at the back of the model kit if you want it to look fully armed.

And with that I have already covered everything that there is to know about the HGUC 1/144 Gundam F91. I was able to buy this for PHP 650 so its a good price for a great kit. The only thing that I dont like this is the beam shield. It’s a shiny shield in green but for some reason, I like it better how the Victory and V2 Gundam’s shield works. Also since it’s really small, you might just be able to finish this in a couple of hours if your fast but adding details on each part may require additional hours just to perfect how it looks. Thanks again for reading and feel free to write something on the comments section below.


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