The ever changing video game world

Actually, video game industry should have been more appropriate but video game world sounded cooler. Ahem! As a kid growing up during the early 90’s, everything for me looked so big, new, and hi-tech. The thing that caught my interest the much, aside from watching cartoons was video games. I don’t know what kind of magic it had but I was mesmerized by its technical wonders and gimmickry. Before I knew it, was playing Super Mario Bros. on the Famicom that my father sent from Japan.

Since then, video games became a part of my life. I was not able to upgrade to a more advanced console and join in the fun with the other gamers in the world until 2002, when my father then bought a PS2. Even before that took place, I was already a little aware of the things that were happening during the video game industry. For one thing, arcade games reigned supreme in the malls with its flashy graphics and great sound. Nintendo and Sega were still slugging it out with each other and trying to dominate the home console business. Sony then jumped in the bandwagon with their PlayStation and introduced discs instead of using cartridges; an act which cost Nintendo of losing the Final Fantasy series since they stubbornly stayed with the old format. PC gaming was not that popular in my place since it was cheaper for most of them to just buy a home console but, nobody knew that PC will beat console gaming in the long run. Of course, Visual Novel games were also being made as Japanese companies made their own versions of desktop computers, but the games that were made was mostly centered about sex and has little to no story at all. The battle for handheld games were also as fierce as with the home consoles with the introduction of the Game Boy, Game Gear, and with a little bit of the other handhelds that the other companies had made.

But with the passing of time, I saw some things come and go: 3d games were being made although it was certainly not pleasing to the eyes during its early stages, Sega became a 3rd party game developer, arcade games finally declined and less machines are being made in favor of the most advanced home consoles that was built since you can now play with other people online without even leaving your house, and Visual Novel games now has more story on it even though there is still sex in it. But with everything that has happened, the only thing that I can conclude is that change is an absolute thing that will happen repeatedly with each passing year. There can be no present without a past in order for us to advance to the future. The things that people made in the video game industry during the yesteryears, no matter how well or bad it is are the catalyst for the things that can be improved in the future. And with the birth of new technologies, new discoveries will be made to further evolve the already existing elements to produce even more things that can be enhanced in order to better the industry.

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One thought on “The ever changing video game world

  1. Reminds me – Terminology has changed as well. e.g. Kids these days call LoZ an “action adventure”, which is rather silly considering the original (and more logical imo) genre is “RPG”. Someone over at IGN must have made the suggestion. After all, you can’t spell ignorant without “IGN”. That said, “RPG” has sort of moved into a kind of rigid field with certain expectations and a gameplay I can’t stand. But that’s the cycle of gameplay. There’s a bit of interesting information on evolution of game genres in this Lost Garden post:

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