Game Preview: Super Robot Wars BX and Dragon Quest 8 3DS

I’ve always wanted to use Raijin-Oh in a handheld Super Robot Wars (or SRW) game, and with SRW BX, it now came true! Bear witness to SRW BX, the 2nd game for the Nintendo 3ds which pits robots from different anime series in a strategy role playing game. One thing I noticed is that they finally broke the tradition by finally including a UC Gundam with the inclusion of Mobile Suit Unicorn Gundam in the roster since it was absent starting way back SRW J. I was hoping the other robots from the Eldran series will be included like Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger, Kanzen Shouri Daiteioh, and Kanzen Shouri Daiteioh so that it will fulfill the fantasy of any Eldran fan of using all the robots in the series, but it may had been too expensive for Banpresto to have them all in a handheld. To be honest, I’m not very happy with the roster but it is great that Banpresto is finally adding all the other robots from the yesteryear, although they may have been too long for new players to even recognize them (like Giant Gorg, who finally got a debut but after 24 years since the first SRW first launched in 1991).

SRW BX will be available for purchase in Japan on 08/20/2015. Importers, you can pre-order this on’s website ( or any of the other sites out there where it can be available.

After the remake of Dragon Quest 7 for the Nintendo 3DS, Square Enix’s next logical move is to make a port of Dragon Quest 8 for the same handheld. Like it’s American predecessor, the port now has Japanese dubs for all the characters except for the main hero (the original Dragon Quest 8 in Japan did not have voice overs for all the characters but the U.S. version had it.) and 2 new characters from the same game will join your adventure from saving the world from that accursed jester who made the whole ordeal. No new things mentioned yet, but we can expect that Square Enix may had made the story a bit longer compared to the original. Dragon Quest 8 hits Japanese stores 08/27/2015. A U.S. version is TBA although it is possible it will be done some time in the future since the Dragon Quest fan base is still strong.

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