Nendoroid #188 Millhiore F. Biscotti Unboxing+Review

*Updated last 12/14/2016


Good day everyone and welcome yet again to another portion Hobby Corner. Today, I will unbox and review my very first Nendoroid that I was able to purchase 2 weeks ago. But before we begin, what exactly is a Nendoroid? According to Wikipedia, a Nendoroid “is a brand of plastic figures created by the Japanese Good Smile Company in 2006. They typically depict characters from anime, manga or video games and are designed with a large head and smaller body to give them a cute appearance.”

I chose this because Millhi (short for Millhiore) looks really cute and the cercle (her name is Harlan) she rides resembles like a chocobo found in the Final Fantasy games. Also I was curious on how a Nendoroid looks like up close so I went and ordered one using Facebook. Unfortunately, the box was damaged when I bought it but the seller gave me a discount so it was not that bad.

Will you look at all those parts!

Upon opening the box, we can see that there is a plastic container w/c holds all the parts. I was actually overwhelmed when I first saw the all the parts because it felt like I was unearthing some sort of treasure only otakus know of and also entering another world of geekiness: figure collecting.  Thin layers of plastic coves most of the parts, which includes the main body, sitting pose, the other 2 face plates and the actual bird. I also noticed that there were also different arms for you to use on Millhi for various poses. The accessories Milhi can wield includes her trademark weapon, the Excelide, a microphone for her to sing, and her emblem art seal which is attached to her left hand in which it us connected to it permanently (that hand comes off, by the way). There is also a bridle for Millhi to use to control the bird in which the other end of it can be attached to Harlan. Both the sword and microphone can be attached to either hand of the Nendoroid. There is a base for both Millhi and her trusted feathery friend.


This is what it looks like when we disassemble all the parts for the main figure. And yes, even the ahoge can be detached from her highness’ royal head.



I was very careful on handling the parts since I don’t want to break anything  since I just got this brand new. To attach Millhi on the base, you need to twist her tail sideways for the other end of the connector to fit since it gets on the way. I was really impressed the first time I held the figure on my hands since it feels sturdy, hard, and will not break easily, in contrast for what I have imagined. It actually fell from my hands 3 times and landed on the same wooden table as seen on the photo when I was assembling it. It did not break nor crack, but the fall was not high so I guess that would explain why it did not shatter, but I’ll be extra careful next time to prevent any tragedies from occurring.



Going with Harlan, it can stand by itself without the base, provided that you balance it properly, otherwise it will fall repeatedly. The head feels lopsided for some reason. I’m still trying to learn how to adjust the parts w/o breaking anything.

Lets rock, and ride!

To have Milhi ride Harlan, you need to remove her head (the bird’s, not Millhi’s!!), remove her collar and attach the rein for Milhi to hold. Remove Millhi’s lower part and attach the riding part and you are good to go.

Kira Kira…

This pose can be viewed during the ending credits. I would have preferred if Milhi had other poses included on the box but over all, this aint so bad.

See you next time!

I thoroughly enjoyed using all the parts and experimenting on different poses I can think off and you can be sure I might get another Nendoroid in the future. Here are some of the pros about this Nendoroid:

  1. Sturdy Nendoroid with good paint job. Can have Millhi do several poses.
  2. Harlan was well made. Can have her stand without the base.
  3. Cool accessories to use, especially the mike.

The only things that I can think off for the cons are:

  1.  The rein feels very hard to be attached to Millhi’s and attaching it to Harlan’s neck felt like it will break.
  2. The clasping hands felt hard to attach to Millhi’s soulder; feels like it will break.

Overall, even with these minor cons, it is still a great Nendoroid to own and this was a great start for my collection, especially if you are a fan of the anime Dog Days. Thanks for reading and have a good day!


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