Nendoroid #262 Ricotta Elmar Unboxing+Review

01 Hello everyone and welcome again to another segment of Hobby Corner. Previously I unboxed and reviewed Nendoroid #188 Milhiorie Biscotti from the anime series Dog Days. Today, I will unbox and review Nendoroid # 262 Ricotta Elmar which also came from the same series. I originally wanted to have Leon for my 2nd Nendoroid but acquiring her proved to be challenging and expensive at the same time, so I settled for Ricotta since she was the only one available on stock.

Alright, let’s get this box opened, as soon as I can get the seal removed…

03 - Copy

I originally planned this to be a video review but I made an error while recording the whole thing so you might notice most of the pictures are taken from a video. Now that we have removed Ricotta from the box, let’s try to look on the contents:

A- Nendoroid Ricotta Elmar (Duh!)
B- White Flag
C- Emblem Art Crest
D- Books
E- Cannons (X4)
F- Aggressive Face
G- Sad Face
H- Different Arms

The manual is also included but you can figure out on how to assemble the accessories by just looking at the pictures on the actual box.
Removing the plastic wrapping is quite annoying but I understand this is to protect the Nendoroid from foreign elements like dust and dirt.
And now we remove the base from more plastic wrappings…
But, what is this? A different type of connector?
And behold! Instead of the usual stick-type connector, this one’s got a magnet at the end. Meaning to say, I don’t need to apply pressure at my Nendoroid whenever I will remove or attach her from the base.
The magnet is a bit strong for its small size, but this will ensure that the nendoroid will be secure on the base.
The cape can also be removed so you can have Ricotta on different poses without that clothing.
And with her cannons ready and emblem art crest attached to her hand, she is now ready to provide artillery support just like what she did on the 1st season of the anime.
Of course, she was surrounded by enemy units on that same episode so she now has to surrender; using a white flag and a sad face. Kawaii :3
The books look okay, but this is my least favorite accessory that was included on the box. I was hoping she would have something else instead of the books like her small gun that she used in season 2, but I suppose the books will reflect her status as a scientist in the Biscotti Republic doing a lot of research.


And with this salute pose we have now completed checking all the things about this Nendoroid. Let me now provide my feedback regarding this figure…


  • Beautifully made for the body, especially for the face plates.
  • Magnet at the end of the connector means easy access to attach and re-attach the Nendoroid on the base to stand. Because of this, you eliminate the risk of scratching or damaging the part of the Nendoroid where you attach the end of the connector.
  • The legs won’t fall off even if a little pressure is applied. I did not attempt on trying to actually remove it, and will never do it ever.
  • Removable cape means you have the option to have her on poses without that clothing.


  • Cannons won’t move upward which feels lazy on GSC’s part.
  • Book accessory least pleasing.
  • Some of her parts feels loose and is ready to fall off.
  • Not much articulation can be made.
  • GSC could have included a sitting pose since Ricttoa rode that bird during the last episodes of season 1 of Dog Days in which could have been a great addition.

Overall, this is a great Nendoroid to own, especially for fans of Dog Days.

Thanks for reading!


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