It’s a Hectic Month

I really don’t know how to explain this but my professor in Literary Criticism, who is more absent than present, presented to me and my classmates the impossible: Submit a report totaling to 17 individual explanations about the different literary criticisms that we have tackled, which includes the definitions, applications, the title of whatever piece it is with its corresponding author in which it will be due in 16 days’ time and this will serve as our finals. Seriously? If he had told this 2 weeks earlier then we could have more time to prepare and polish the damn thing. But unfortunately, bad luck is the only one by my side since good lady luck chickened out and passed the buck to a different person, or entity.

Victory or Death

I’m more upset now because aside from this hurdle that we need to survive, our class still has yet to even start on some of the projects we need to work on like that damn movie we haven’t even started yet in which we need to present different attitudes as a theme for that worthless class we had for 5 bleeding weeks in which I call it ”a money grubbing subject” that we don’t even need in the first place; the freaking documentary the idiot professor ordered us to do in Afro-Asian Literature in which I swear I really hate making and editing movies now; the play that I don’t even know we can even present courtesy of one of my aging professors who is also addicted on plays and dramas, and I swear I will rap her head sometime in the future so that she will realize the errors of her ways; and all the field work I need to do for FS 3 and FS 4 in order to complete the activities, plus a lesson plan if I’m truly unlucky.

Well, as much as I would like to slaughter all of them to satisfy my blood lust, I couldn’t, so the only remedy I can do is to assign schedules to work on a specific task for me to complete my work as efficiently as possible. I just hope that in the future, the professors that I will have will be considerate about the things they will assign us to do; have it more realistic in the point we can accomplish it on a fair amount of time, and not just spew random crap without even using their heads. But I suppose it is understandable, if they are already old.


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