Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Able to Make a Blog on Time (or even write one)

It’s really hard to come up with new ideas on articles to write every week, especially since I’m a one-man army. I promised myself I will write at least 4 blog entries every month in which it will be 1 per week. Although I did that last August, I confess most of the entries on that month were either re-posts in which they were either uninteresting, bland, boring, or even not even worth posting at all in which it felt  “I’m just making a blog out of compliance” in which it is mediocre at best. However, there are factors that I have considered why it is affecting my productivity in which I have to rely on re-posts to submit an article so the fault is not really mine in a whole, but I still need to take responsibility for it. Well, without further ado, I present today my “Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Not Able to Make a Blog on Time (or even write one).”

  1. School is my top priority

Last end of September I posted a blog about my grievances regarding my predicament in my college like my woes about my professors’ eccentricities (which really angers me to no end) in which the money I’m paying for those subjects are not even worth it; the never ending flood of projects that needs to be completed and submitted (or else run the risk of getting a mark of INC or incomplete); the final exams which were just lying in wait in the middle of October in which I lack time to review; and also that accursed play that did not even went well when we presented it to our professor in Afro-Asian Literature in which it was just a waste of time with the hours spent on those practice sessions in which I could have at least used it on something MORE productive.

I may be exaggerating it a bit but I was on edge during that month, especially that nearly impossible task my professor gave us which counts as the finals for my subject in Literary Criticism. Because of all of this, I never got the chance to have sufficient time to write anything since all of time are spent in school work and studies, and sacrifices are a must for one to graduate with flying colors, or at least a decent one.

  1. Depends on my mood

A lot of people say that mood or what a person is feeling at the moment will affect whatever that person is doing. I get slightly depressed on whatever issue I’m currently facing may it be big or small, and I can’t just shake it off easily and think positive. I suppose it’s just the blues or whatever (maybe because I’m getting older and getting moodier as well) it’s called, but if I’m feeling down, I cannot force myself to write anything good but bad, unless I’m really angry in which I’m on the verge of exploding, but that will just result on a horrible blog being published.

Take what happened to me last September: because I was so bitter and angry with everything that was happening I used THAT same “thing” to make a blog out of it in which it was filled with hatred and bigotry. I admit I was blowing off steam when I made that blog since all sorts of negative energy was spiraling over me, and it was not a pleasant one.

  1. Lack of reference

Supposing I’m feeling all happy and nice and I’m really motivated to write a blog this instant. I have my topic of choice, my dependable PC, and my not so dependable brain but reliable imagination and wit. I typed almost 2 pages complete with revisions but to my horror, the things I have typed resembles like “crap sandwiches “after reading the article numerous times. “Dang!” I told myself. “I need to write something better than this. Otherwise, the people who will be reading this blog will either chew me out or make a trend in Facebook saying how bad I am at writing blogs.”

But what if I can’t good materials to use as reference in order to make a good blog article? Should I just think of a different topic? Sleep it off in the hopes a new idea will come up out of nowhere? Wait for a miracle to happen?? Imagination is great but without the right materials to base my blog/articles on, I know it will just be entering a territory critics will enjoy to bash due to inconsistencies and wrong information I used like being buried in a grave I just dug myself. Information is really important not only in blog making, but also on most things that require precise and legitimate information for the sake of accuracy and also honesty. Perhaps I need to expand my resources more when it comes to this.

  1. Lack of internet access at home (none most of the time)

During 2012 to 2013, the internet in my place, though prepaid, was working exceedingly well. Of course, since it was prepaid, there were times it was not working properly compared to the post paid services internet cafes utilize for their businesses (my neighborhood does not have one yet during that time). Then, came June 2014, when the internet I’m using was getting slower and slower, it was not worth paying the money just to use it, although I still do because I have no other choice and I need to update my antivirus. Blogging requires a computer and internet access in order to post the articles in the internet, and since my prepaid internet is mostly slow than fast; the best way to resolve this is to go to an internet café in the nearby market place just to submit the blog.

One problem though; it takes at least 10 minutes go there if you are a fast walker, and 20 minutes if it is raining hard. because of the distance, I sometimes cannot go to the internet café just to post a blog since I have other things I also have to attend at home and at school, and I don’t always have the funds to shell out since I’m budgeting my expenses so that it will last for a certain amount of days since money is very scarce these days. But having internet access is a necessity since there are certain things I can only get on the internet like anime (news and related articles in particular), games, related blogs, etc. Perhaps I will no longer see the day I will have post paid internet at the comfort of my home…

  1. Laziness

This may perhaps be the bane of my existence that is preventing me from writing a blog on time. I just don’t know, but I just lie in bed just thinking without doing anything productive, which is really affecting   things not to be done on time like chores, school assignments, getting sufficient sleep… even brushing teeth at the right moment (Gah! Cavities!)! Perhaps I’m just not being motivated enough but I need to get over this thing otherwise I will suffer great repercussions in the future (Wait, I think I’m already experiencing it at the moment!). Perhaps it’s just a mind over matter thing, but as I have assessed, my mind is weak, especially at temptations but hope is still there; I believe I will be able to overcome this in which if I can (In the coming future), my blog site will be getting more blogs posted every week.

And that’s it for today. Since today is already December, I might be able to make more articles in the upcoming days but our exams are coming up so I need to be busy reviewing and submitting requirements before I can be ready to submit a new article. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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