It’s all about trust

Let me tell you guys a story relating to trust.

4-5 months ago, I got interested in the wonderful world of Nendoroids- chibi sized figures based on anime or video game characters which got interchangeable parts for different poseability.

Anyways, if you guys have been reading my previous blog articles, then you may have noticed that I purchased both Nendoroids from the same person. The 1st Nendoroid was an okay purchase; however the box for the product was really damaged in which the plastic screen where you can view the Nendoroid was literally falling out. He did inform me about the issue and he gladly gave me compensation for it; a reduced price and free stuff. Naturally, I was impressed with the resolution he provided although it was me who demanded it first that I get compensation for the damaged box because he advertised that the item was “brand new.”

After my first transaction with that person, I waited for a month and once again, I purchased my 2nd Nendoroid from his shop. I paid the needed amount although it got delayed for a day due to some miscommunication on my end. I informed him about it in the timeliest manner because I know it’s important to update him early regarding issues like this. After paying my money, I texted him numerous times on if he received the payment yet. He eventually informed me that he did, though he was a bit on his reply.

Now, the real problem occurred when he was so slow with his replies that it finally created an atmosphere of anxiety on my end, in which I fear he may have run off with my money. He replied though, that he has projects and exams coming up so he will not be able to answer all inquiries. I finally lost my patience because of his late response and not being flexible with my demands if I can get my order earlier since it is just there on his supplier. Although I did receive my 2nd order in mint condition, the mental stress I experienced was overwhelming.  However, I noticed that there were also other people complaining about the poor service this guy was giving out and, in worse case scenarios, have yet to receive their orders, have not received neither messages nor updates about their purchases.

In business, trust is something one needs to work hard to earn it. This element is important since this is the thing that attracts customers to buy things from places like and JC Penny, and the money the customer gives in exchange for their goods is the all important catalyst to keep any business afloat and successful. Delivering quality service is part of that trust businesses make with their customer, and once you break that trust by being lousy or careless in your line of work, it will very hard to earn back what you just shattered.

The same goes for selling Nendoroids. There are plenty of sellers out there, especially in FB, and they have their own quirks and eccentricities. I have no issue with sellers on FB doing a fine job and I’m not trying to bad mouth them on this article, but for me, FB is not a suitable place for setting up shop since it has very limited rules and restrictions in reference to transactions. A site where both sellers and customers where they will be governed with proper jurisdiction and implementation of the rules will benefit everyone, especially their protection and rights.

For me, trust can be earned by being honest, responsible, flexible, punctual, and hardworking. One needs to balance some things and also listening to the customer’s issues with great consideration. If you cannot give want the customer wants, the perhaps you can meet him half-way with some compensation as a courtesy to apologize to the concern. I just hope that person who sells Nendoroids in FB already learned his lesson because if he still continues this, I don’t need to have a crystal ball to know exactly what will happen to him in the future— a lawsuit a-knocking.


6 thoughts on “It’s all about trust

  1. That seller probably doesn’t even provide he’s real name so he can’t be traced so when you order from him and you get ripped off he can just changed he’s FB account and he’s name and go on selling stuff to some Nendoroid Crazed No Life Otaku. . so regarding that the best way is not to look at how cheap he sells look for trusted places to buy and see the merchandize yourself in places like Greenhills etc and its always good if your buying stuff online be sure to check their return policy and if they have cash on delivery options like Lazada which I buy very frequently

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