Why can’t I get all the good stuff? Part 1

Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here. Don’t you just hate it whenever you don’t get all the stuff in the video games that you are playing because the game company intentionally did that on purpose? And the only way to get “everything” is that you will be forced to buy either more games, spend money on DLC, or burn more moolah on crap peripherals you don’t even want to use just to maximize the game experience? Yeah, it’s an evil world out there, and those game companies are profiting from us video gamers. Today, I list some of the games that I have played that are guilty of these crimes.

Pokémon Series
Ever since its creation, Satoshi Tajiri’s game about collecting, battling, and trading these small mutant critters has been one of Nintendo’s trump card and also the biggest money generating franchise on their company. However, the hidden evil of these games lies on the fact that you cannot catch all of the Pokémon on the version that you have.

The game forces you to look for friends who have a different version so that not only you can complete your Pokédex, but also evolve certain Pokémon through trading.  Well, that is a catchy gimmick, but for those people who like, the ratio of owning a link cable before was very rare in rural areas, especially in my place, let alone own just a Game Boy and the game, in which it is a luxury during my time, we can say that Pokémon were only for the rich kids, which still stays true until now.

I just hate it when I cannot “catch ‘em all” on the same game. What is worse going now to the present, is that the codes they give out for legendary Pokémon are sometimes exclusive on special events or even exclusive on certain countries like the good ‘ol U.S. and Japan Dang! It sure is sucky to live in a third world country like the Philippines. We usually have to pass most on those special events. Nintendo, I tell you this: if you were a catchable Pokémon, I’m gonna catch you in any Poké ball I can find and bury you in our yard so that none may find you, forever.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3
To be honest, I don’t even know why Nintendo made a port of this game since there was already an existing port on the Super Nes/Super Famicom way back 1993, in which we just get to have the same graphics, a toned down difficulty on some stages, but with the ability to play this anywhere we go since it is now portable. I still prefer playing this game on the original Famicom because of the higher difficulty in which Mario will shrink and lose any of his powers if touched by any enemy or hazardous elements he encounters.

The real evil of this game lies on the secret stages and power-ups in which in order for it to be available, you need to have access to the infamous E-card reader Nintendo launched way back 2002 or something. I was really excited to play the secret stages but I passed since the E-card reader was even more expensive to the game and Game Boy Advance combined together.

Why couldn’t Nintendo just added the extra stages without buying that monstrosity of a peripheral (I even heard the E-card reader also bombed because of lack of uses) like what they did with Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island (Still the best of the Advance Series)? It still annoys me to this date whenever I think about it. Who the hell though of this crazy crap in the first place??

Tales Series
My first game on the PS3 is Tales of Graces F. It is a good game but the only catch is that not all the costumes are available. The in-game costumes are good, but few in number compared to the in-game costumes seen in Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia. I was willing to buy some of the costumes (in which I did) but the better stuff is only exclusive in Japan, which far outnumbers the ones available in the U.S. PSN store.

It was not a big deal buying any of the costumes because they are not really needed to trigger special events (though they added just a little on your character’s status), but it is a downer those were not available in the U.S. version (oh Japan, I can’t wait to nuke you in the future for being so ever greedy) since I really want to see Sophie in the Miku Hatsune costume or see all the girls donning Idolm@ster costumes as well. The tragedy continues with Tales of Xillia, Xillia 2, and Zesteria since the bulk of the costumes are now only available through DLC.

Perhaps this is a great way for Bandai Namco (or more like “Scam-co” if you ask me) to rake in more moolah, but for the not so rich gamer who can only afford like 1-3 games every year, this is a both frustrating and idiotic at the same time. Oh well, at least there are some free stuff available via DLC- the ones that you won’t even use they are just practically scattered throughout the place. I hope Pac-Man chokes to death while he is eating those damned power pellets.

…To be continued…

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