Into the Dig: The Hauls

Last year I posted an article about my adventures inside a Japan Surplus House and what I discovered there. Today, I will show some of photos of the things that I actually bought for the past years. It is a small collection but I still want to share it with you guys.

First item in the list is a Squid Girl plastic envelop/container. I need something like this to hold my otaku stuff so this was a bargain I got for 20 PHP and also it was in good condition to boot. I have not personally watched the show but for what I heard it is good. Hopefully, it will make me laugh once I decide to watch it.

0005Next on the list is a Neon Genesis Evangelion post cards. Post cards?? Usually the thing that you will view on the post card should contain the picture or photo where you are currently located but using this may be a bit impractical since this will defeat the purpose of the essence a post card but, what the heck.

Each pack contains 5 post cards. You can also peel the sticker on the actual post card which is kind of neat.


0004Next item is a Fate/Zero crystal file folder featuring 3 servants and 2 masters (5 in all). I also got this in very mint condition and also in a good price. I think this is actually not for sale in Japan but still, buying and owning it is worth it.

Next on the list are my Shuffle! character figures which comes together with a visual book, a sturdy poster like thing, and a drama CD. I bought 3 of ‘em before but I was not able to complete the set since the other 2 are were not available.




zzzThe visual book is nice since it has information about each girl, artists’ drawings and sketches, the details they used on making the anime version, some info about the novels and manga (comics), and last but not least, a photo of the voice actress for the character with an interview.

I’m not a huge ToHeart fan though I’ve watched it (including ToHeart 2, ToHeart: Remember my Memories, all the OVAs) but I am as sucker for ads. I just added on my shopping cart without even thinking.
Samurai Showdown (aka Samurai Spirits) mini wall scrolls. I have 4 of this at home which includes Genuro, Nakoruru, and Sogetsu. Too bad I was not able to get more.

20160121_221123I like art books but never considered on buying it since I feel the amount I will pay is not equivalent to their worth. Fortunately I got this from my visit last year. This is a visual book from the RPG Moero Chronicle. I don’t know what this is and I don’t care what the game is all about but judging from the pages I browsed, it feels like this game is filled with plenty of fan service. Plenty…

I want to open this to look what is inside but I also do no want to ruin the book.
I like the art style since its filled with moe and kawaii characters. I wonder when will I ever learn how to draw properly?


20160121_221702The ecchiness kicks in after just a couple of pages where the female characters are seen on their default clothes and underwear. Yup, the evolution of RPG games is here…

Before and After. I wonder why couldn’t be they naked all the way?
I wonder where is the before before and after after? Anyways, the ESRB will have an issue deciding to have this game localized in the US judging from this photos. Anyways the art is really awesome!!
…Beautiful backgrounds and environments…
The worst monster enemy designs I’ve seen to date

And this concludes my blog for today. I’ll be covering more Japan Surplus Houses in the future of I have time. Comments and suggestions are always welcomed in the comments page. This DarkdaemonPK2 signing off!


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