Nendoroid 168A: Airi Review


Hello everyone and welcome again to another edition of Hobby Corner where I review one of my Gunplas, figures, toys or Nendoroids in my collection. Today’s review will be Nendoroid 168A: Airi.  She originated in Queen’s Blade’s visual combat books which was later adapted in an anime.


Upon opening the box you will notice that this Nendoroid only has 2 face plates, an angry and default happy look. This Nendoroid also has different legs for kneeling, different arms and hands in which one of it is an open palm. For the accessories there is a large scythe and 2 ghost flames.



This Nendoroid, like the ones released under the Queen’s Blade franchise features a unique base in which you attach Airi’s leg to it for her to stand. This gimmick may look good at first but the issue will arise after a couple of  seconds since Airi will just keep falling flat on her face since the leg attachment is not firm enough to keep this maid in position. Airi’s ghost flames are well made since they are transparent but other than that, it’s just a prop to illustrate that she really gives a grim reaper feel.

Even without the leg connector, Airi can still support itself thanks to her legs that can kneel.
Her twin tails can be detached from her hair. She still looks good even with short hair :3
Her hands are capable of using other Nendoroid’s accessories or weapons. Here we see Airi using Eclair’s short dagger.
And now with two short daggers…
And finally, Ricotta’s flag…

There is an Airi version B whereas that features a blonde Nendoroid. I want to get it in the future just to complete both versions.


  • Beautifully made for the body, especially for the face plates.
  • Awesome scythe and ghost flames.
  • Hands capable of wielding other nendoroids’ accessories or weapons.
  • Cute maid costume.
  • Detachable twin tails.


  • Lame leg connector. Makes the Nendoroid fall with the slightest movement. Will test your patience a lot.
  • Only 2 face plates feels a bit of a downer.

Overall, this is a great Nendoroid to own, especially for fans of maids and scythes. See you again next time!


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