The One and Only Cure


With the election just 5 days from now, the Philippines will soon have a new president that will lead the nation to its desired future everyone’s been clamoring for. Six known personalities will vie for the said position, each with their own platforms and promises that they have already shown to the public like a vendor selling his goods in the hopes of making a good sale. Among the candidates who is running for the highest position and is already gaining super stardom among the masses is none other than Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

Brave, honest, and sometimes careless in his words but does good in his actions, Duterte is famous for taking good care of his city by leading a never-ending campaign against drugs and crime. To his foes and non-supporters, including a few of his rivals for the position of president, his sanity has been questioned multiple times due to his twisted logic works about eradicating people who are involved in serious crimes. Duterte also gained notoriety about the rape joke he mentioned while campaigning, his unsavory remark about the current pope, the extra-judicial killings courtesy of the Davao Death Squad (DDS), and most importantly, the recent allegation that he has more than 500 million pesos deposited under his name.

But despite these setbacks, Duterte is famous, especially for the people of Davao for his effective and efficient leadership. He approved of city ordinances geared to protect the welfare of his people, especially from the evil entities trying to get a victim, he fearlessly combats crime with conviction and dedication in order to instill fear to his enemies and best of all, he enforces law and discipline so that all will follow and justice be served.

But what is justice anyway? As far as I’m concerned, justice in the Philippines is one of the maladies that may never be cured as long as corrupt officials in the government exist. It only proves that as long as you have money, power, authority and influence, then anyone, which is actually a fact, can do whatever they want, whenever they want. And those who do not have anything but a name, then they are subjected to become victims in the future.

It’s just sad that not all cities in the Philippines can be a Davao, nor all mayors can have Duterte’s courage or bravery but as far as I can see, the Philippines is long overdue for a complete makeover- a change that has been deprived from us from previous regimes who wanted the country to be weak, complacent and corrupt. Duterte is the only one that can bring us back on track- the cure everyone’s been waiting for.


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