Trekking into the Unknown

A month ago, I accepted my sister’s invitation to go hiking in a mountain-like place just to have a change of pace in my mundane and routine-like life. Well, lets just say I also wanted to stretch my legs for a bit since I felt they are rusty as heck. And what better way to stretch them is to let it loose in a hiking spree.


Our destination? I really don’t where, actually, since my sister was the one who knows where it is and I forgot to ask either. After a grueling 6 hour bus ride to “nowhere”, we finally arrived in our destination, a little place (it is actually BIG) called Brgy. San Salvador in Luisiana, Laguna.20160409_171758

As you can see, the place is untamed and still pure from the hands of civilization, and I hope it stays like this forever. I really enjoyed looking at the scenery at every direction.20160409_171810

It feels like I was transported back in olden Philippines where my ancestors were still masters of the land before the Spaniards came and colonized the archipelago.20160409_172250

To be honest, the trail is very primitive in which it looks just like it was a few hundred years ago- it is hard and dangerous if you miss a step, and falling or slipping means that you will roll non-stop until you reach the bottom; lifeless, that is.20160409_172257




After hiking for 30 minutes, we finally reached a change in the geography since it was now filled with rocks of enormous proportions.


All of our efforts and hard work was rewarded when we reached the bottom of the trail, where a hidden waterfall was unveiled to us trekkers.



This part of the waterfall is very dangerous; it looks very shallow but only a few steps and then you will find your self already at the bottom. 20160409_175202



Navigating around is very challenging since the rocks makes it dangerous for traversing the area. The rocks are slippery and one wrong move and you might slip and get in an awful accident.20160409_191706

And after a tiring day of non-stop hiking, we set up camp and went to bed. So far, it’s a good experience I wont be able to forget and made me feel that I’m very weak compared to my ancestors who are capable of living in these parts who were yet to be weaned on the conveniences the generation of today enjoys. Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy my post for today.


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