HGUC Gundam EZ-8 2013 version review

The Gundam EZ-8 (Extra Zero-8) debuted on the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team after Shiro Amada’s RX-79 Ground type Gundam was wrecked while pursuing the Apsalus II during one of their missions. Unlike all the Gundam leads that were commissioned in the U.C. (Universal Century) timeline, the EZ-8 was not a prototype in which is was just a custom version of the mass produced RX-79. Another feature of this Gundam is that it uses a rabbit ear communication antennae instead of the traditional v-fin antennae giving it a more military look and realism.

I’ve always wanted to have a model kit of the Gundam EZ-8 ever since I watched the OVA way back 2008 (wait, doesn’t that sound familiar?) however, I since I hated MGs (Master Grade) with a passion ever since I screwed up my MG Victory Gundam Ver Kai, I never bought the already available MG Gundam EZ-8. Acquiring the HG Gundam EZ-8 (1995 edition) was also not a good option since its hard to find and expensive. Fortunately, way back 2013, I was able to buy the 2013 edition and was very happy with my purchase.

Since this is the HG version, you can expect the parts to be few in which one with experience on model kit building should be able to complete this in an hour or two. I used only panel lining and a red color marker to color some of the parts since I’m not trained in using paint. The color dirty white white is noticeable as it dominates the whole kit with the exception of dark blue for the underside of the feet, torso, half of the shield, and gray for the weapons rack and thrusters. Bandai made a very god job on making this model kit, in which I believe this is the best version of the EZ-8 to date. I really cannot put to words on how to describe this kit but all I can say, this a very flawless one.


For the weapons, this kit contains a beam rifle, a 100 mm machine gun 2 beam sabers, and extra pair of hands for griping the weapons. The shield is very sturdy and feels the right weight.  I’m disappointed they did not include the 180 mm canon included in the HGUC Gundam RX-79…

…but they included instead this parachute pack just like the ones they used in the OVA when they 08th MS Team was searching for the Zeon base. It’s actually cool, but I still prefer the canon.



As advertised, the EZ-8 can bend both of it’s knees to almost 90 degrees in which you can have it kneel and make cool action poses and make pretend that your waiting for an enemy your going to ambush while hiding.

Like I mentioned before, this kit comes in with 2 beam sabers. The sabers itself are just fine in which its clear and good to look at. You can also stash one of the sabers at either the left or right part of the leg.

The weapon container included in the HG RX-79 can be placed at the back of this kit. The EZ-8 can also be equipped with the 180 mm canon, which is a nice thing although I find it odd that the RX-79 cannot hold the beam rifle in w/c it was a downer for me.

And for realism, you can also remove the left part of the arm to make it look just like what happened in episode 10 of the OVA when Shiro faced off the Gouf Custom in a grizzly death match.



I already have purchased the HGU Gouf Custom years ago so I’m glad I was able to get the EZ-8 since I was able to recreate the sword fight scene just like in the OVA.

Final Thoughts
Perhaps I’m really biased about this kit since I’m a fan of the OVA but to be honest, I really cannot find any flaws regarding this kit. For those planning to buy this kit, you may want to watch first the OVA before buying this since this kit in order to appreciate since it is not that really pleasing to the eyes because of its looks. Once again thanks for reading.


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