Will this finally be the real end?


“Will this really be the end?”

Sometimes, I ponder whether Shaft and Aniplex actually has any plans to end the Madoka series. Could it be that both companies are busy with other projects in which they shelved Madoka for the time being? Could this be part of their master plan to build more hype and excite the fans in order for them to beg for more Madoka in order to make a profit? Or perhaps both companies are just getting tired of completing the series in which they lost interest and zeal on the franchise ever since the end of the 1st anime?

We may never know the reason why this series has yet to have a conclusion although it is surprising to know that there are plenty of spin-off mangas that have been made in which the company has invested a lot of time and money on it.  It has been 2 years now since I last saw the Rebellion movie and it made me feel very empty after watching it because the fate of our protagonists are still hanging in the balance due to the uncertainty of their futures.

However, not all hope is lost since a new movie is currently being made by Shaft and Aniplex, and I just hope this will be the ending we are wishing to materialize. Although I have yet to see official trailers being uploaded in the internet, the only thing we can do is wait for the official announcement on when this new movie will be aired on theaters. For the meantime, let this poster from Newtype be sufficient to let you know our magical girls haven’t been abandoned altogether.



4 thoughts on “Will this finally be the real end?

    1. Thanks for commenting!

      The first 2 movies were just compilation movies with added scenes not found in the series. The 3rd is Rebellion, and that is an original movie that follows what happened in the series. I suggest you watch Rebellion just to get updated on what happened, but I suppose you already have read reviews regarding that, right?

      1. Hard to avoid reading about it really. And I will watch it eventually but as I said, I was kind of happy with the anime as it was so I’m not really big on new material for the sake of it.

  1. I imagine that when you create an exciting franchise, it’s hard to let go. The thing about Madoka is that it had an end. It wrapped itself up nicely, which made it a great story, but it didn’t leave much room for more. The end. But now that you have a great thing going, economically, it makes sense to try to stretch it and drag it on. It’s hard to gain momentum for something new, but I think if they did so – say, by consistently doing similar series of the same quality (hard to do on its own) – people could jump on the bandwagon and expect good things even out of the new, unproven stuff. But it’s hard to get such a train moving. Now they’re just milking a cash cow.

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