How to Transfer your Pokémon to X/Y

If you want to use the same Pokemon you have used in Gen 3 to X/Y, then this step-by-step guide will help you with the transfer process. There are actually many ways to do it and here is one of them.

Lets say you want to transfer Rayquazza and your other pocket pals from Gen 3  (Ruby/Saphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green/Emerald) to X/Y…
First, to get any original Nintendo DS or DS lite and insert your GBA cartridge on the GBA slot and then insert any of your Gen 4 Pokemon on the DS slot. In this scenario, we will be using a Pokemon Diamond for the transfer. This part of the menu will only appear once you have cleared the game the first time and have seen all the Sinnoh region Pokemon.


After choosing 6 Pokemon to be transferred and have read the disclaimer, then tap “Yes.”


The Pal Park area is in route 221. You need to surf first to access the place.


Time to catch ’em again.


Do I want to participate in the Catching Show? Ah, yes?? The heck can I get my party back if I don’t participate??


Pal Park is only one area but it is divided into different terrains like grass lands, forests, mountains, lakes and seas. The Pokemon you have transferred will be found depending on what type it is and where is its local habitat.


You don’t need to battle your Pokemon just to get it back. You just need to throw the Park Ball and they are yours. You get higher points the faster you catch ’em all back.


To transfer your pocket pals to Gen 5, you need to have another DS or a 3DS.


For this transfer you we will use Pokemon White. After clearing the game once, head to the Poke transfer Lab in Route 15.


Talk to this person to initiate the transfer. But before that, the other DS or 3DS unit should be turned on as well. If you will use a 3Ds for the transfer (I have my Pokemon White inserted on the 3DS), make sure the wireless is on.


This will be the screen that will show on your original DS or DS lite. Just tap the software to initiate the transfer.


Select the Pokemon you wish to transfer


They cannot be brought back once the transfer commences.


Compared to the transfer process of Pokemon and Diamond, Black and White have an amusing mini game where you use a cross bow with a poke ball as ammunition to catch your pocket pals. You can do this process as many times as you can provided you always have 6 Pokemon you can transfer. If not, then the software for the transfer will prompt you to turn off the system.


Last but not least is that you need now to use your 3DS to transfer your Pokemon to X/Y. 1st, you need to buy a subscription either by using a credit card or pre-paid card that you can buy in any game stores. Next, download the Poke Bank software and it will give you the Poke transporter for free. The subscription will be good for 1 year. Next, insert the Gen 5 pokemon game on the 3DS  and access the Poke Transporter. Upload all the Pokemon in the Poke Bank and after it is done, insert your X/Y, access the Poke Bank, and transfer all the Pokemon you want to transfer.


And with this you have successfully transferred you pocket pals to X/Y. I only recommend this process for transferring your most cherished Pokemon you still wan to use in your quest to be a Pokemon Master or for those really hard to get legendary Pokemon. For now, happy gaming and good night!


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