HGUC V2 Gundam 2014 Version Review

Hello everyone and welcome again to another edition of Hobby Corner. Today, I will review one of my favorite model kits from the HGUC kits: the Victory 2 Gundam (or V2 Gundam for short) which was featured in the anime Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.


The Victory 2 (V2) Gundam was the newest Gundam produced by the League Militaire as their new symbol, replacing the older Victory Gundam.  It shared many similarities with its predecessor like the same technology and armaments and like the Victory Gundam, It also allowed damaged parts to be quickly and easily swapped in the middle of battle.

The V2 Gundam is equiped with a  Minovsky Drive System which provided the unit with unparalleled power and maneuverability which allowed the V2 to fly in space without the use of conventional rocket thrusters. With the Minovsky Drive, the V2 Gundam’s most distinct feature is the use of a giant pair of wings (“Wings of Light”), which could be used as either gigantic beam sabers to slice through any target or as massive beam shields to defend both the Gundam itself and other target in which Uso Ewin used used a lot when piloting the V2 Gundam in order to ensure victory in most of the battles he fought.

The first V2 Gundam kits were made way back 1994, a year after the anime finished airing in which it is a 1/100 kit even though it was a HG. After that, Bandai never made a V2 Gundam kit until 2014. Unlike its predecessor, the 2014 edition does not include the same gimmick like having to build the top fighter and bottom fighters separately which made made me relieved and disappointed at the same time- Disappointed because I still want to build the top and bottom fighters and relieved because since it has lesser parts which makes it less expensive. Since this is the 2014 edition, one can expect a huge improvement from it’s predecessor; the parts are now smaller but more detailed and sturdier, the beam shield is now a better clear pink design and is not half the size of the Gundam, and articulation for most of the parts are now better though it still has its limitations.


For its weapons we have a beam rifle (equipped with a grenade launcher), 2 beam swords, a beam shield and a wider version of a beam sword which we humorously call it a “beam spatula”, perfect for frying enemy Zanscare mobile suits.

Though the top and bottom fighters are absent from this kit, Bandai was still generous to include a non-transforming core fighter.
If you have 2 action bases, then you can have both your V2 Gundam and core fighter do aerial poses. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any good ones when I took this shot…
You can close the thrusters on this Gundam but I prefer them to be open all the time. You can adjust the thrusters to be moved sideways for a better V shape.
Like the HGUC Gundam F91, you can have the weapons, like this beam rifle on either hand of this kit.
Like the old 1994 kit, the V2 Gundam has a peg on both shoulders in which you can slide to the side to put the beam shield in.
Just remove the small red part on the peg, put in the beam shield and your done! You can have the beam shield either on the left or right arm of the Gundam.

One major flaw I have noticed is that the beam shield always manages to fall whenever I lower the arm of the Gundam in which it feels very loose. I’m not sure what Bandai did but I was expecting better. Another thing I noticed is that they did not include the “wings of light” accessory in this kit in which they have that available as separate accessory.

Overall, even with the beam shield constantly falling, no  “wings of light” accessory and top and bottom fighter in this kit, it is still a tremendous improvement compared to the first version and I would recommend anyone who is into gunpla building to purchase this kit. However, if you are planning to do so, you might as well buy the HGUC Assault Buster Gundam instead since its a combination of the V2 Gundam, V2 Assault Gundam and V2 Assualt since I bought this kit a year before Bandai released the HGUC Assault Buster Gundam. Once again, thank you for reading.



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