This Show Just Ain’t Healing Me


I watched Flying Witch expecting that it will be a fantasy anime filled with plenty of magic spells, witchcraft, and people on flying broomsticks just like what they did with the Harry Potter films. Unfortunately, Flying Witch proved to be the lesser sorcerer between the two since the anime established itself to be plagued with boring pointless plot-lines which made me wonder why they even decided to animate this train wreck.

Witch in Training

The story starts with Makoto, the protagonist of the show, moving in to her cousin’s house in the countryside. After that she goes on all sorts of adventures while encountering different people while training to be a witch.

Rural areas are the best…

Each episode is non-episodic so you can watch it on any way you like though some characters will leave you in the dark since you haven’t watched the episode they were first introduced. My personal favorite among the characters is Akane since she is the de-facto witch in the surrounding place and some of the events that happened prior the story would not happen if it weren’t for her involvement which creates the plot for some of the episodes. However, it would have been better if the show introduced a goal other than Makoto training to be a witch for variation but looks like they just want to have a show were the protagonist will encounter every day, real life events and how she will handle on how to resolve it.

Careful where you swing that wand…

Well, at least Chinatsu who wants to become a witch is a good distractor instead of just the story focusing solely on Makoto. Because of this most of the episodes in Flying Witch are either uninteresting, lacks zest in its delivery, or just completely unnecessary and has nothing to do with magic.

This is the only useful magic in the show

Some of the episodes are fine and funny like the part where Chinatsu was shocked to see Makoto flew for the first time using a broom or where Nao freaked out when Makoto handed her with a live mandrake as a present which I understand it is related to witchcraft.

Mr. Mandrake does not seem to be very happy…

But, how about an episode where it they just picked and cooked butterburs? Has Flying Witch turned into “Cooking Witch” instead? How about the episode where Chinatsu followed Makoto’s cat for half a day while our protagonist just arranged her stuff in her room while the older sister just napped the whole day? Was that exciting or what? And even if they showed witchcraft, it is in a very old fashioned method which takes time to prepare and is an agony to watch. I was hoping witchcraft evolved like time itself in this anime but looks like its still the same stuff they were doing like in the stone-age.

Don’t get me wrong about hating Flying Witch altogether; I like the show’s graphics with its clean animation and character designs which is a bit life-like and not the standard big-eyed format seen in most shows, I like the soundtracks though I don’t have any aptitude for music, I like the concept of having witches in a slice of life genre but I guess no matter how good these elements are, boring plots would really kill a show for its worth.

Overall, Flying Witch may be best enjoyed by a younger demographic whose parents will feel at ease that their kids are watching a show that is not prone to graphic violence. Other than that, then you may want to look for a different show to watch.


Thank you for reading today’s post. How about you guys? What are your thoughts about Flying Witch? I actually would like to hear it from you so please don’t be shy on sharing your comments on the comments section below. Oh, and any “likes” will be very much appreciated! Bye for now!


7 thoughts on “This Show Just Ain’t Healing Me

  1. Good review. I certainly can see your point. However flying witch is more of a slice of life, with a slow paced drama. It never was intended to be a high octane show. So it won’t appeal to those that do like that sort of thing.

  2. I didn’t make it through Flying WItch because I just found it too slow. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with it, but nothing was happening and it just wasn’t holding my interest. I get that others found it a nice relaxing anime but for me it was just a little too tedious.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Flying witch is an good show to watch calmly withour any other thougths in mind. Though it is great concept, show fails in its excution. But L love slice of life animes especially those who takes place in rural areas.

    1. Yeah, I agree execution is bad, and I dont mind the rural setting since I also live in the country… but almost everything is just not that good and boring… Yup, just boring. Thanks for commenting though!

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