A Victim of Cruelty and Old Traditon

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I watched Pokemon way back 1999 when it was first aired in GMA 7. Pokemon was a big hit to the station as proof of the many people watching it every Friday night on its initial run. Heck, it was a global sensation especially in the U.S. since many kids and a few adults got into the Pokemon Fever. As time went by, I never got to watch Pokemon on local TV since Pokemon was removed in GMA 7 and the only time I can watch it is by going to a house that has a cable subscription. Though I was not able to watch Ash’s adventures on all the regions he went to, I heard of some ugly stories that Ash kept on losing league after league. Well I suppose Ash is still inexperienced or his opponents were really powerful so I understand why he was  not able to claim victory on those important matches.


19 years later after the first episode of the Pokemon anime, everybody’s favorite 10 year old protagonist, after working hard and assembling a team of powerful Pokemon, which now consists of 2 dragon types for the first time, managed to square off Alain his powerful rival yet. Everybody was really excited, nay, the whole Pokemon community worldwide cheered for Ash since everybody expected him to win since victory seemed to be almost in his grasp. I myself only got the chance to watch a few episodes of Pokemon X and Y until it was removed from RPN 9 but I had this feeling that something good will turn out for good ‘ol Ash. Unfortunately, like a sick cliche which plagued the anime for years and years, Ash, poster boy for the ultimate yet lovable loser along side Peanuts’ very own Charlie Brown, tasted defeat after his Mega Greninja got crushed in the hands of Alain’s Mega Charizard.

I do not know the reason why the producers or who ever is in charge of the Pokemon anime is always making Ash lose league after league battle, but one thing is for sure, this has to stop. Ash is one of the biggest victims of sadistic abuse thanks to those sadistic bastards, who cannot let go of an overused character who has been on an eternal journey just to be the best trainer which always results to a frustrating, horrible end. There are lots of ways to bring new popularity to the Pokemon anime, and I can think of a million creative ways, but sadly, those people are very shackled to tradition and refuses to evolve as if they themselves are addicted to everstones and only think of ways to make money.


I have personally lost zeal on watching the Pokemon anime since what is the point of viewing the same thing over and over without any changes? Are the producers trying to teach us life lessons that we need to be a good sport and accept defeat since there is always someone better than us? Well, I’ve learned that lesson a century ago and I’m not going to go with that kind of crap again since I’m not going to watch any more Pokemon anime until those sadistic producers can clean up their act. How about you guys? Is Ash’s defeat justified? I want to hear your thoughts regarding this! Please, don’t be shy to write your comments on the comments section below and thanks again for reading today’s post!


4 thoughts on “A Victim of Cruelty and Old Traditon

  1. Thanks for posting this, DarkdaemonPK2. I was among those who were very disappointed by Ash’s–to my mind, quite unnecessary–loss in the Kalos League finals.

    To say the producers are “cruel”, “sadistic bastards” is too strong, I think, considering this is only the Pokémon anime. What we may agree on is that the anime’s plot decision-makers don’t seem to care about losing their older viewers.

    Maybe we make up such a small minority of their viewing base, that it makes more sense for them to let us go if it means getting more younger folks hooked? I do not have numbers corresponding to the show’s age demographic, but this is the most plausible theory that I have come up with.

    What do you think?

    1. Thanks for commenting! I still stand firm on what I mentioned since that is the best way to describe those producers. Ash actually won the Orange Island League before but Im fed up with this lossing streak in the regional league matches those producers always cooks for Ash. And even if Pokemon is for a young demographic, they should still consider the older generation who grew up with the show. The least they could have done is to have a new character take the lead where he or she will continue Ash’s legacy preventing the old people who got stuck up with Ash. That is just what I think.

  2. Thanks for posting your opinion. And I agree! It was most dissapointing, definitely. I went into ‘Aaaaaarrrggghhhh Nooooooooo’ mode for the first few days but then I just got over it really quickly thanks to the Flare arc starting immediately after that. In my mind, Ash and his Pokémon didn’t get the victory they deserved but they definitely put up an awesome fight! I thoroughly enjoyed the battle itself even though the outcome wasn’t very pleasing. There was a lot of backlash about that and there might be even more backlash (in Japan especially) if what the title of the upcoming XY139 episode says is true. (Please see my latest post if you don’t know about it).

    1. Thanks for posting. I think I already got over with this whole thing about Ash losing. The producer said that if Ash will win any of the main league matches, then the show will end. Money grubbing fiends…

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