Illya’s Double Trouble

Updated 09/18/2016

After stabilizing the ley lines and surviving a cave-in, Illya found someone near her, only to realize she looks exactly like her, only darker…

Double Trouble

Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here and today I will review Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! which is the second season in the Prisma Illya series filled with more episodes of chaos and loli in this tale of magical girl mayhem. Will this be a better show compared to the previous season? Let’s find out shall we?


It’s really hard for me to gauge if 2wei really has a good plot or not or if it is even a show worth watching. First, we have the introduction of Kuro, a sort of clone of Illya who harbors a grudge against our main heroine since she was deprived of a world that was supposed to be hers so she resolves this issue using the best solution mostly used in anime; by eliminating her original using sheer violence.


With her introduction, all sorts of issues arose and the entirety of season 2 is now on her while Illya feels more like a secondary character although the story still centers on her equally just like with Kuro’s. Going with the subject of Kuro, she is more like the opposite of Illya; serious, naughty, decisive, has a strong resolve, and not afraid to voice out her opinions. The one thing that I like about her is that some of the comedy centers on her escapades, especially when she went and sneaked on Shero’s bed half-naked.

Bottom half-naked that is…

It’s also noticeable that Miyu became a lesser character and took a back seat with a smaller screen time but I guess it’s understandable since most of the episodes concentrates on Kuro this season. A little bit of drama is injected as the story progresses with Kuro feeling she is being backed down on a corner without any options to choose because she feels out of place which made her want to kill Illya again.


Frankly, I would have preferred if she just and went on and lived on a different town if she feels she does not belong on where Illya lives but I suppose she still wants to be accepted as real member of the family that is why she still stayed. I like some drama in my anime, especially if it has sufficient depth. Unfortunately, this whole internal family conflict that they are trying to emphasize as a plot device feels very weak and is lacking in some aspects like seriousness since all I’m seeing here is some childish squabble which always results with Kuro and Illya having an all out brawl instead of her explaining what really happened in the first place. But of course, since they are children then I’m expecting them not to resolve issues like an adult person would do due to their age in the show and continue arguing.

Extreme Dodge-ball

I feel for what Kuro’s been through but I can just feel sorry for her for in a whole for all what had happened to her because it is too shallow to be used as a basis to hate Illya. This family issue however, was conveniently resolved with Kuro making her peace with Illya and her mom after our heroine saved the dark skinned loli’s life from disappearing altogether and with that she started living in the Einzbern household.  I was hoping they would have a better delivery with the resolution but unfortunately, it did not materialize.

It hurts to see a girl disappear into nothingness…

However, the only highlight in this season which made my blood pumping again is in the half part of episode 8 where Bazett, who was ordered to get all the class cards from Illya and Miyu which they have collected in the first season, appeared and easily thrashed the place which she also successfully did the same to overpower our heroines. Compared to the corrupted heroic spirits that our heroines fought, Bazett is an emotionless and cruel beast due to her cold way of fighting which made me hate her due to her personality. I don’t know… I guess I just hate overpowered people who looks so cocky even if they are not acting like one.


What I have seen was one of the best choreographed fight scenes I ever watched especially when our magical girls were portrayed fighting a monster and for their lives in order to live and this is still evidence enough that Prisma Illya has not derailed from the violence found in the original Fate/stay night.


Unfortunately, the fight scene was very short and I found myself wanting more since they only fought for 2 episodes but at least it gave us information that another class card exists which paves way to season 3.


The humor in 2wei! is still good like some slapstick comedy and some references to previous Type-Moon works though not as funny compared to season 1. For the fan-service, yuri is a bit extreme on some scenes where Kuro is on a kissing rampage in some of the episodes with the occasional showing of panties and naked bodies during bath time.

Its big!

Although not as good like season 1, 2wei! is still passable on my palette due to the action found in the end of the season and also because of the cliffhanger end which is an indication to season 3. If this is your first time watching Prisma Illya, I would suggest on watching season 1 first in order to be filled in on what is happening. Otherwise, you can agree 2wei! is just really weak to begin with.

How about you guys? What are your thoughts about 2wei? Was season 2 better compared to it’s predecessor or not? Feel free to comment on the comments section below about your opinions about 2wei! and any “likes” are very much appreciated! Thank you very much for reading doods! Until next time…



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