Bodgie’s Island LN Project

Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here and today I will discuss to you guys something that I plan on completing in the future: A light novel. I’ve always enjoyed reading fiction books, especially the humorous ones that are geared to young readers. I’ve also read some classic novels when I was younger written by the famous literary figures of the yesteryear like Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist and Great Expectations, and H.G. Well’s The Time Machine, just to name a few. Growing older and with my attention span getting shorter, I turned to anime a decade ago and noticed some light novels (LN for short) becoming a gold mine (or sometimes, land mines if it bombed or failed miserably) for that kind of literature being adapted into anime. I thought for a bit: why not write a book that is both entertaining to read and to look at the same time? My answer to this challenge and also to bring back the young generation of today to read books again because they are mostly occupied by the currently technology, is a light novel called “Bodgie’s Island.” It may mostly be filled with text, but there will be illustrations and a little bit of comics to emphasize more on some of the serious events.

To be honest, I have not written anything yet, not even for a chapter one  but I do have the outline of events in my head and I’ve been more focusing on creating characters for it. The genre of my LN will be action, comedy, drama, supernatural, and tragedy. I always like tragic things in fiction and entertainment since it also sometimes reflects on the anime that I have watched and also partly because of my sometimes depressing life. The theme will be revenge since something horrible happened to the main character’s life. Will there be ecchi on my work? I’m tempted but I’ll keep it on a minimum scale just for comedic effects. Bodgie’s Island is not a pun or a play on the SNES/Super Famicom game “Yoshi’s Island” (although I’m beginning to think that it is after a few years) but rather, is a homage to my late uncle whose nickname is “Bodgie.” Ironically, the setting of my story is not on an island, but on a rural place filled with grasslands and mountains just like where I live.

80% complete

So far, two characters are in the works; one is nekomimi (cat girl) who is part of the main characters and some lesser characters which includes a fox girl who is an assistant blacksmith and was adopted by the main guy’s friend.

Rough Sketch

I always liked cat girls since my pet of choice has always been cats which is evident on my avatar. I will be able to write a formal chapter by October due to the on the job training that I’m rendering in a local public high school which is consuming most of my waking hours because of the tidal wave of work we are swamped with. I hope it will turn out great and I hope I can also complete 1 volume first. That’s it for the moment… DarkdaemonPK2 is outta here!

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