Prisma Illya Continues in Theaters


Hi guys, DarkdaemonPK2 here and I just finished watching episode 12 of Prisma Illya season 4 and know what? It was an awesome and satisfying finale for the series which makes this season the best Prisma Illya I’ve watched so far. I’ll make a review about it soon but today, I found out something interesting… a movie will soon be released in the future, and I’m excited to watch it!! Actually, I’m a bit a sad now since its possible this will be the last season of Prisma Illya that will be aired on TV. I guess all good things really do end eventually… Sigh.

Happy End

Right now, Silver Link, the animation studio responsible for the anime has yet to give any other specific info aside just a go-signal that it will eventually happen. I’am also wondering if the movie will cover some parts of the manga not yet animated or if this will be an all new and original story. I’ll be keeping a look out on this for months to come so you’ll be seing more of this in my blog.giphy.gif

How about you guys? Have you watched season 4 or not yet? Any comments on the Prisma Illya movie? I would like to hear your opinions about it so please, dont be shy on placing your comments on the comments section below! Bye for now…


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