Bodgie’s Island LN Project: Update 1

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Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here and today I will be providing some updates on my Bodgie’s Island Light Novel.

Good News!

  • Almost complete with the design for the main heroine (the cat girl below) although her tail is still missing since the person who I commissioned for the art forgot to include it. Aside from that, the design is really good.
  • Added new story lines on some parts.
  • Doing some research on how the older sister would look like. I want to giver her some sort of mature, cold feeling. Needs to have the eyes at least like the one Melfina was drawn in Outlaw Star.

Bad News!

  • My main heroine needs a name and I can’t think of one…
  • Most of the story is still on my head and not on paper (ouch).
  • Not been able to write anything since I did not have a semester break due to the OJT which leaves the LN hanging…

So yeah, it is really hard to balance school with desires so for now, I need to complete first all the things that needs to be done and then do at least 1 chapter. I will also try to write a sample part next time on one of the sad scenes and any constructive criticism is very much appreciated! Until next time everyone…



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