Goodbye October, Hello November!

Hello guys, DarkdaemonPk2 here and today, let me just reflect on the things that had happened this Ocotber before we go to November which is approximately a few hours to go where I live. I also apologize if I’m not able to post anything for the past few weeks since I was literally buried in a mountain of school work and as well as preparation for my final demo in the teaching course I’m currently enrolled in. Let’s begin…

I’m officially 8 years now in WordPress!
Wow, 8 years huh? It’s either I created a WordPress account subconsciously while drifting aimlessly in the internet or I’m just becoming senile and made this account and forgot it altogether, don’t know which but I’m very sure its the latter (I think I basically wrote the same thing…). My first blog post was entitled “ is MIA” which is a short but sad thought about the said site no longer working. I was blogging there for a year but has been a part of that place for many a-years visiting clubs and posting thoughts about video games since I was an active gamer during the day (I mostly played Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Phantom Brave for the PS2 day in and day out). I hope to make blog posts in the future in order to further enhance my writing skills to a level I can feel very satisfied (if I’m still alive, that is…).

My new Nendoroid is finally here!


I got my new Nendo a week ago and its really cute! I’ll write a review about that really soon but here’s the thing: the review will be a joint effort together with Nendoism since I’m also part of that since November of 2015. If you guys are curious and would like to check the site, please click here. Unfortunately most of the members are either out or hibernating so it’s up to me to maintain the place.

My final demo was not a disaster!

“4.73 out of 5.00. Passed it really good…”

Contrary to infamous belief that I have a very bad attitude and personality, I dazzled the panelists with my method of teaching last Ocotber 18th and passed the trial with flying colors. At least that is one thing out of my throat though my battles aint finish yet. Credit is given where credit is due: To God, my mom, little sister (what the heck, she is already 26 and I still typed “little sister”?) and all the English teaching staff of Sapang Palay National High School. And now an anecdote; let me tell a little story behind the scenes…

“The dean of my college actually does not want me to go and have OJT (on the job training) in the high school of my choice. I asked her what was her basis on not letting me go and she told me that there were rumors of me having a bad reputation (she fears I would go berserk if someone clashed with me which could lead to disastrous results giving despair and shame to the college)  in which she declined on giving me information who are responsible for spreading those lies. I pleaded with her to place me under probation and observation for a month and if I ever produced displeasing results, then she can send me back without any further questions. She accepted these terms and I was finally given permission to go out and teach.”

Seriously, I worked before in a call center for 7 years and I’m a pro when it comes to handling concerns and WILL not go berserk just because someone does not agree with me nor will I mock anyone just because they made a mistake right in front of my eyes. I have a few scores to settle with that college once I get back, and I even heard that the “demon” of the school was not totally kicked out of the system but was just on vacation for a semester. Now I have to battle that demon bane disguised in human skin for another round of good old fashioned “demon vs college student.” Wish me luck guys.

“I’m camera shy, and I hate that pink uniform.”

Outlaw Star revisited


I’m currently watching the anime adaptation of Outlaw Star, which was based on the manga made by  Takehiko Itō. I first watched this several years ago and after craving to watch it again, decided to “look” for it and watched it all over again. I’l make a review on this soon.

And that’s all the time I have for today. Thank you for reading today’s post! Until next time…


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