Saber Marionette: Past and Future

*Last updated 12/02/2016

As a kid growing up in the 90’s, one of my most undeniable obsession was to watch whatever cartoon or anime available on TV. I guess I was just addicted to it like any kid in the neighborhood but my case was different since I can retain a lot of information easily from any show I watched. Because of this I would start conversations with some of my classmates about what happened within the episode. One of those shows that I watched on local TV in the Philippines is an anime called Saber Marionette J.


I’m not really a huge fan of it although I watched it daily without fail together with my sister. The plot is about a planet where there are no females and the inhabitants are able to reproduce via cloning. The protagonist, Otaru Mamiya, stumbles upon a museum and accidentally wakes up a sleeping android (dubbed “marionettes” in the series) named Lime which has emotions like a real human thanks to her Otome Kairo or Maiden/Girl Circuit. After that she also is joined by the other Saber Marionettes like Cherry and Bloodberry. SMJ had plenty of action and comedy enough to satisfy my afternoon melancholy since anime during that time on my place can only be watched on either on TV or renting a VHS anime which also proved to be very challenging since they are so hard to find. My favorite marionette in the story is Cherry and not Lime since she is a very sweet girl, like the ideal perfect girlfriend that any any anime fan could ever ask for.

After that then I soon got to watch it’s sequels: Saber Marionette J Again and finally with it’s conclusion, Saber Marionette J to X.  J Again was the second OVA in the series and introduced a new marionette Marine as well as a new story that follows SMJ.  J to X on the other hand had more drama on it since Otaru lost his marionettes and it’s up to him to get them back, not to mention on saving the world once again from being destroyed.

I just recently watched SM Girls: Saber Marionette R and liked the dark tone of the story which actually was the first one made in the series although it’s story took place hundreds of years after the events of SM J to X. The character designs were quite different since they are portrayed as children and have more mechanical parts at their disposal. Wow, that sure was a lot of SM that I’ve watched during the past! So why am I bringing this up now? Well, 17 years after the conclusion of SM J to X, a new Saber Marionette OVA has been confirmed code named “Saber Marionette The Last Story.” I’m not sure what it is; it’s possible it may follow the story of SM J to X where Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry already grew up or it may be a reboot of the series with an all new story.


For now, all we can do is wait for further announcement. It’s just nostalgic to see an anime getting another shot in life even though it has not been active for more than 2 decades. How about you guys? Are you a SM fan? Are you looking forward to this new installment? You can always share your thoughts on the comments section below and I’m always looking forward to that! Until next time comrades…



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