Nendoroid #531 Eclair Martinozzi Unboxing+Review

Hello everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here. How are you guys doing? December in the Philippines is something that I look forward every year when I was a kid; you get to attend Christmas parties, have a Christmas vacation for 2 weeks, receive presents, lots of family reunions on Christmas day, eat delicious food, and lots celebrations and merry making. But when you are an adult and live today in a world of expenses and responsibilities, you seldom get the gift you actually want to get on Christmas so it is better to BUY your own present than to wait for someone to do it for you. Ahem…

Today, I will post a review about Nendoroid #531: Eclair Martinozzi from the anime Dog Days. I originally posted this as a video review but decided to scrap it since my voice was really terrible (in that video) and I’d rather have this on blog format instead.


Eclair Martinozzi is one of the characters in the show and serves as a knight in the Biscotti Republic in the fictional land of Flonyard.  She has a tsundere attitude towards the main protagonist but they get along better as the series progressed. I actually would had preferred if Yukikaze Panettone was given the Nendo treatment but since I was determined to complete my Dog Days Nendoroid collection that I immediately bought her without a second thought even though she is the least of my favorites in the anime.

Before unboxing

We can see Eclair’s face on the front of the box which had been the practice starting with Nendoroid #300 onwards. We can also see a lot of fictional letters on some parts of the box that had been used and seen in the show. If only I can understand what it means…

After unboxing

After opening the box, we can view Eclair and her standard knight uniform, her trademark dual daggers, a belt, the sheath where she places it, her emblem art seal, a pair of shoulders and hands, a folded arm, a serious and an embarrassed face plate. Of all the Dog Days characters that were given the Nendo treament, Eclair is the only one with the least number of accessories, in which I can say it was a lazy act on GSC’s part.


I really like how this Nendoroid was made because she is as easy and mobile like Ricotta. The hair was painted with just the right amount of green and her shoulders and legs are sturdy and does not feel loose in which we can make her do all sorts of poses. You can actually make her stand and pose without the base and the connector which is kind of cool.


The emblem art seal is also big and well detailed although I’m a bit disappointed you can only place this on her left hand. Her tail is the best compared to Milhi and Ricotta since the previous ones feels loose and easily falls off and her’s is very sturdy.


Though a good Nendoroid and may be the last to be given the Nendo treatment (for Dog Days), her only selling point is her mobility and daggers. Aside from that, her lack of accessories makes her the weakest of the bunch. I was hoping that they could have at least included the technique she was able to create in season 2 to add more points but I guess I just have to be content on this one.

Milhi: Cheer up Eclair! let me pat you on the head. *pat pat*
She does not look all that embarrassed with this face plate.
Eclair’s hands can only wield weapons or accessories that can fit on the holes of her hands. Ironcally, Milhi can use both her daggers.
The sheath that you can place at here back cannot be used to store her weapons, another disappointment.


  • Beautifully made Nendoroid.
  • Mobile and sturdy. Tail does not fall easily.
  • Shoulders wont fall off easily.
  • Emblem art seal big and wonderfully made.


  • Least amount of accessories of all the Dog Days Nendoroids.
  • Hands restricted on wielding accessories and weapons available in the market.
  • Feels bland to look at.

Overall, this is a good Nendoroid but only for those adding her to their Dog Days Nendo collection. I would suggest buy something else than to start with this one.


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