HGUC RX-121 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel Custom]


Good day everyone, DarkdaemonPK2 here and welcome again to another edition of hobby corner. Today’s review is about the model kit I built five years ago which is called the RX-121 Gundam TR-1 better known as Hazel Custom. For those not familiar with this mobile suit, the Hazel Custom appeared on the manga Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans which is a story that happened before the events of Mobile Suit Zetta Gundam.


Before we go with the actual Gundam, let’s go and view first the weapons and armaments included on the box. We have a beam rifle in which the magazine can be removed, a single beam saber instead of the standard 2, and a shield which is kinda nice due to its size and length. There’s also an included grenade launcher but I did not include it here on the photo.


The Hazel Custom’s body design is similar to a Gundam MK-II but the difference with these mobile suits is that this model’s legs are bigger and more detailed compared to the latter and the legs are a bit flat. Since most of the parts are big in this model, then there are plenty of places where you can apply markers and panel lining to brighten up this Gundam since the dominant color is white. There’s also plenty of stickers included on the box so you will haven fun applying it on different locations on the said model although I have encountered slight issues with the stickers when placing them on some places that are not flat which have some angles or curves. Extra magazine can be attached at the sides of this Gundam as well.



The legs can bend 45 degrees and this Gundam is also capable of kneeling poses but to a certain extent so one needs to exercise caution when attempting to do sophisticated positions because it may result to some of the joints breaking.


One thing I like about the Hazel Custom is that the arms can actually rotate and reach the beam saber on the rack located at the back of this mobile suit which adds realism to to the experience. Also, you can bend the arms 45 degrees like like the legs and feels perfect since it is sturdy and wont fall off no matter what angle you twist it.


Another thing that I like about this model is the cool looking shield booster since you can use this as a normal shield if you don’t want the other one and you can also attach this at the back of the Gundam to act like a shield to protect the rear from enemy attacks.

Where is the hole in this one?


One thing to notice is that the place where you stick the Gundam on an action base does not have a hole on it so make sure to use a different connector for this model.

I really like it when I use the action base for aerial poses

Overall, a really great kit which is fun to build since it does not have many parts compared to the MG series in which it will only take an hour or two for it to be completed. The sturdy parts will guarantee it will not break easily although one still needs to be careful when moving the parts.If you want to start building Gunpla, then this kit is ideal for those people starting with this hobby.



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