Witches and War

*Updated last 12/27/2016*
*Warning! May contain spoilers*


Magic is an element that has always been the cornerstone to many countless fantasy themed anime of the past and is still being utilized even as of today. If it weren’t for magic then we may not have witnessed the birth of witches, mages, and magical girls in both manga and in anime and their exploits from a grand scale of saving the world from devastation to a grimmer plot of defeating the forces of evil that is bent on world domination and enslaving the human population. Izetta: the last witch is an interesting anime where it combines fantasy set on a real world in a battle of epic proportions.

War is hell

Set in an alternate world war 2, the story revolves around Izetta, a witch who is caught in the cross fire between the Germanian Empire who is trying to pursuit world conquest and the tiny Alpine state of Eylstadt who is trying to protect their nation from the overwhelming threat.


The series had a good strong start with the heart pumping action scenes with the focus on Fińe trying to escape being captured by her enemies and all the while trying to get support from other countries in order to win the war which demonstrates the princess’s strong character and dedication to her people. After a tearful reunion which involves saving Princess Fińe from her captors, Izetta, who is a witch, then took the role of heroine and decided to fight to defend Eylstadt using her magic from being destroyed by Germania.


I think it is an interesting idea to see a witch in the 20th century obliterating tanks and planes created by science so it was an amusing sight for me to see our red haired witch fly and fight while causing confusion to both sides during her later appearance in the series. But after seeing all of the same scenes repeatedly, it feels it’s more like eye candy for most of the unfair battles between Germania versus Izetta.


In my opinion, it’s cruel to have a little girl fight a war brought upon adults because of their conflicting ideas. And little girls, even though they are magically imbued with the power to wreck countless armies, should not stain her hands and be involved in a battle fought by men since she is still young and innocent (which troubles me). But I suppose the show is trying to convey to us that if left without any alternatives then, we need to fight, even if it costs us our lives, in order for us to protect those who are dear to us. Although Izetta was doing this voluntarily, I still feel she was forced to fight out of her friendship and loyalty to Fińe.


One of the things I liked is the revelation of Izetta’s powers in which it was told too early to the viewers, which I think is odd since most secrets held by the main character ought to be kept fiercely at all costs. I think having Izetta a handicap is a good idea because this may rob the show all the fun and excitement if she were too powerful and could have just finished Germania in a single episode. Also because of this handicap, there was room for strategy and tactics for Izetta and her allies to come up with in order handle her shortcomings as shown in episode 5, but it feels very brief since it was only limited on that same episode. There were some episodes where the focus was on the other characters, which is great, but it was very brief and a bit forgettable since the only thing it contributed to the show was just some additions to the plot.

But it’s on the script!

I also like the idea that her enemies are well aware about her powers and are closely monitoring her in order to launch an effective plan to counter her powers. This actually paid off after they were able to extract the secrets to her powers and which turned the tides of war to Germania’s favor. In awful twist of fate they introduced Sophie in the fray who was the original white witch in the legend. Unfortunately, she has an ax to grind because of the betrayal she suffered before, and things got a lot more complicated in the story.

For me, she was just an unnecessary addition to this war with a shallow motive of destroying Eylstadt and its people because of what had happened in the past but I guess this gives Izetta a challenge to defeat until the very end of the series. I was hoping the Germanian Empire was going to either to hunt down Izetta using some sort of machine or an elaborate scheme of capturing her alive and using her to do their bidding but looks like they just resorted with “fight fire with fire” and use the same powers to get the upper hand after resurrecting Sophie.

Exactly, where did you find that? It’s supposed to be hidden…

I also like the part where Izetta experienced a powerful blow which crippled both her legs after fighting Sophie since this created more drama for the story and the only way for her to get back on her feet was to get the other half of the magic stone which Sophie used before in order for her to be on equal footing. That would had been a great plot line where someone else in Izetta’s group would find clues and search for it but all the excitement for the hunt for that stone was killed after Sieg revealed that he had the other half of the magic stone which provided an anti-climax for that matter.

A good ending is better than a crappy ending

Another thing I would like to point out is that this series feels very rushed since they concluded everything at episode 12; the two witches who represent good and evil fought to the end, Germania was defeated like what happened to real life Nazi-Germany, and Izetta lost all her powers with the neutralization of the ley lines. I was actually hoping for more episodes of Izetta since this anime has a lot of potential for more stories but sadly, 12 episodes is not enough to justify if this anime was really great or not. Since the focus is more on Izetta, we were able to witness her development which strengthened her character through the whole ordeal she faced even if it will cost her life.

Over all, Izetta is a good show to watch with a great beginning but falls short near the end due to some unnecessary distractors. Like the many fans of the show like me, I was expecting this anime to end good but was greatly disappointed with it’s conclusion.


Thank you for taking the time on reading today’s review about Izetta: The Last Witch. How about you dear readers? Did you enjoy watching the show? What are your opinions about it? I would like to hear your thoughts so please, don’t be shy on writing your comments on the comments section below! Until next time!



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