KanColle Movie Sets Sail in Philippine Shores

*Updated last 04/20/2017*

yande.re 286360 sample kantai_collection miko mogami_(kancolle) ordan shigure_(kancolle) thighhighs torn_clothes yamashiro_(kancolle)
This is not their final fight

Kantai Collection, or abbreviated as KanColle, will have its international release in Southeast Asia and one of the countries it will be slated for a one day fan screening will be in the Philippines on April 22, 2017 May 6, 2017. It was not stated what was the reason why it was delayed so fans will just have to wait 2 more weeks before they can see their favorite ship girls on the big silver screen. KanColle originally debuted as a browser game, where players take command of  moe anthropomorphic ship girls which are based on real war ships used by Japan during WWII. It has spanned multiple franchises from mangas, light novels, anime, audio CD’s, and video games (portable and arcade). The movie first aired in its home country last November 26, 2016 and ranked #5 on its debut weekend.

No information yet on the list of movie theaters it will be available for screening so please stay tuned for more information. Scheduled release date might also be changed again or be cancelled.



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