The Neregate Appreciation Page

*Updated last 04/10/2017

It’s sad but I guess we need to move on

Neregate, one of the resource for news in reference to anime release dates and ran by a one man army, will now close its doors by April 13, 2017. The reason for this which is according to the information on the website is due to conflicting schedules running the site and also keeping his job at the same time. Because of this, the site moderator will post the last version of the updated anime chart and advised his supporters to use alternate means to get information on the latest anime releases for the upcoming seasons.

To be honest, I’ve seen Neregate’s anime charts in the past and found it very useful the first time I checked it on their site because it provides a very detailed information (like what genre it is, air date or release date, the company who made made it into an anime, synopsis, etc) for anime shown in TV, movies, OVAs and OADs. Since then I relied heavily on it for the last two years and a half for any information about any upcoming anime that will be available. Either I was too busy to get information about the latest anime of the season or I was just really lazy to search for it on the internet, or a combination of both so having Neregate was something I became dependent on. I was also very thankful for it for being there to provide free information to the public because not all has the means to look for it especially if we don’t know exactly where to look it up.

But now with the site’s impending expiration, I would like to thank the wonderful person responsible for creating Neregate¬†and also providing invaluable information for the entire anime community; your contributions will never be forgotten.



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