Game Previews: Shoujo City 3D

*Updated last 04/20/2017*

Hello everyone! DarkdaemonPk2 here and today is my 62th post ever since I started blogging way back almost 2 years ago. I guess time sure flies if you are doing something really meaningful in life eh? Alright, enough with the chatter and lets get on with today’s post.

Shoujo City now in 3D!

Shoujo City 3D is an upcoming 3d dating simulation game where you interact with your love interest in order to win her affection within a limited number of days. The game was originally in 2d (available for download on Google Play and Apple Store) and has already reached 500,000 downloads. The game mechanics is quite simple; choose one out of the 4 girls available, choose a dating spot, engage in either talking to her or by playing mini games to boost your affection toward her, give her gifts that she really wants to add points on her good side, repeat this for 9 days and on the 10th day your feelings will either be accepted or she just wants to be friends with you (ouch!).

Why is the school grounds so empty during the day?

However, instead of making a sequel, the developers decided to make a remake and use the same world found in the original game into 3D so expect a graphical upgrade once the game gets released. Like the original game, the places you can explore in the 3D version are huge although it lacks NPCs which plagued its predecessor. They already added a market place and a metro entrance. Another cool feature they recently added is the addition of a story mode and a sandbox mode. Story mode will flesh out the story of the the three main heroines found in the original game although it will take a few years to complete. It will have alternate endings based on the decisions you will make. Sand box mode will enable you to do things freely with your girlfriend and has no ending. Since the game is now in 3D you can also rotate the camera in full 360 degrees so you wont be stuck in just a single angle. But the biggest improvement for this game found in the trailer is the ability for you to customize your character from clothes to accessories.

Kawaii ♥♥♥
You can even choose whatever panties you want her to wear?? We have a winner here!

It’s possible you can also change the clothes your love interest will wear aside just from accessories and it is not sure whether there will be a male character you can choose whose clothes you can also customize since the trailer only showed a female character.




I’m actually very impressed about SC 3D since the developers made a lot of improvements for this but I hope they will fix some of the things which I find on the 1st game very annoying. Release date is still TBA.



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