The Nyaa Torrents Appreciation Page


In a modern day where we live comfortably through the wonders of technology, it’s no surprise that we could get almost anything; either a push of a button, a click on the mouse, or by tapping some apps on our smart phones. Because of this, we take almost everything for granted without realizing the consequences of our actions. Nyaa Torrents, one of the biggest public anime-dedicated torrent indexes, closed its doors at the beginning of May. I myself patronized the site because I was able to rip both DVD/Blu-ray editions of the anime I want to watch and also anime OSTs for the soundtracks I want to listen to. Also, I cannot import for the things that I mentioned because it’s either way too expensive or it’s not available to be imported to the Philippines. But because of this abrupt end, in which the owner voluntarily removed it from operation, I experienced both a blow and wake up call that places like this, although too good to exist, will soon fall under the jurisdiction of any laws it violates.

Actually, I was aware someone was trying to get them through legitimate means, but I never expected it to be this fast for it to shut down. All I can say is that even though I’m guilty of piracy by downloading those anime the site provided which makes me a bad person and also an example for kids not to emulate, I still dedicate this page to the person who made that site possible and also to the people who generously shared their anime loot by providing their own torrents and seeding it with the help of everyone in the community. You may be gone but you shall never be forgotten.


Thank you for reading today’s post. What about you guys? Have you used Nyaa Torrents in the past or any similar anime sharing sites? What are your thoughts about its untimely shut down? I welcome any comments so please, don’t be shy on sharing your thoughts on the comments section below. Catch you guys later!




3 thoughts on “The Nyaa Torrents Appreciation Page

    1. Ganyan talaga buhay kapag pirata ka. Marami kang malalabag na batas. Meron ka mang mapasaya sa pagbabahagi mo ng anime, meron din na magagalit. Salamat sa pagbasa tungkol sa aking nasulat!

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