Nendoroid #391 Akagi Unboxing+Review

Hello everyone and welcome yet again to another edition of Hobby Corner. Today, I will unbox and review Nendoroid #391 Akagi from the hit browser game Kantai Collection (KanColle). I’m not really a huge fan of Kantai Collection but I do enjoy collecting some of the characters from the franchise that were given the Nendo treatment.

I got this from a person (who is now my friend) who who was selling some of her Nendoroids in Facebook and I’m really grateful for what she did on slashing a huge amount off the original price since this is expensive when bought from a store. Yup, it sure saved me a lot of moolah (sweat drop). The box says it all; on the front we have a white background with Akagi equiped with her complete gear, and at the back we have the same thing with some of the other poses you can do with this aircraft carrier.

After unboxing

A variety of parts and accessories welcomed me after I opened the box in which I was pleased with its moderate number of pieces inside. Since she is an aircraft carrier, she has the accessories that befit her title like planes (3 in total), a flight deck that acts as her shield, bow and arrows, a quiver, and some sort of utility belt. She also comes with a chair, a cushion for her to sit on, a wooden rice container, a bucket of bauxite, a water trail effect, and a bowl of rice which reflects her behavior as a heavy eater.

For the parts she has the standard face plate, a face plate with the eyes facing left when she is aiming her arrows, and a happy face plate whenever she chows down on delicious meals. She has three sets of right shoulders with different positioned pegs on it for the flight deck to be connected to, a sitting pose, a hand that holds her chopsticks, and a hand that has chipped wing from her plane. She has a standard sized base and also some connectors for the planes to attach to the same base.

“Akagi reporting for duty!”

And after placing all the parts and accessories on Akagi, she looks like a proud and dignified warrior ready to take on all the abyssal fleet and reducing them to scrap metal. One issue I would like to point out is that there is a little soft plastic sticking out near the peg of the right shoulder. Because of this little soft plastic, it interferes with the movement of the shield which may result to the soft plastic to be cut off the shoulder, and that bothers me. Also the hair of this Nendoroid, like many of it’s kind with long hair, limits it’s head movement to 45 degrees from center to left. It cannot rotate from right to center due to the soft plastic on it’s right shoulder (sweat drop).


The bow and arrows is quite easy to attach; the bow is divided into 2 parts in which you just insert it on Akagi’s left hand and that’s it. The quiver can be attached at the back of Akagi where there is a peg which is prone to break with the slightest mistake so one needs to be careful on using it. Anyways, that is on the instruction manual so unless no one bothers on reading it then your experience with this Nendoroid may turn into tragedy.

Akagi: “Hmmmm…”

The table is made of sturdy plastic and so is the wooden rice container. The cushion is also made of plastic although a bit soft. The bauxite bucket’s handle is a bit loose and would fall apart on the slightest movement. The top part of the bucket can be removed and be placed by a lid to make it look empty. The table and cushion are actually the reason what really attracted me on buying this Nendoroid because I never had furniture yet on my collection so this will be quite handy for future photo shoots.


The weight on Akagi’s head cannot support the whole body when using the sitting pose. When using the sitting pose, be sure to bow her head the maximum angle downward in order for her not to topple.

I tried making her sit with her head on it’s default position but it really won’t work. The only way for her not to topple when you want her to have her head on any angle is to use the included stand to act as a weight. GSC should have made the sitting pose heavier to prevent this from happening.

“I got a bucket!”

Akagi can also hold the bucket like so but I have yet to make her hold it like the one found on the photos on the box since her hand cannot hold it properly.

Akagi on plane maintenance

As I have mentioned before, Akagi has three planes included on the box and a hand that holds a chipped wing. You can use this pose to make believe that she is trying to fix her planes.

“Let’s go everyone!”

There are three connectors for each of the plane and you can connect them to the base on any way you want. Just be careful not to twist it on an angle that it shouldn’t be so it wont break horribly. You can only place the water trail effect on her left foot. It would have been great if there was another water trail effect for both feet.

And now to sum up this Nendoroid…


  • Beautifully made Nendoroid.
  • Sturdy shield. Table and cushion are really great as an included bonus.
  • Planes are cool.
  • Nendoroid easy to assemble.


  • Limited head movement.
  • Little soft plastic a hindrance to both shield and head movement.
  • Head to heavy for the sitting position. Continuously falls over if no support will be used.
  • Handle on bucket feels loose.
  • Peg for the quiver not sturdy and may break if handled by an inexperienced individual.

Although the cons outnumber the pros by 1 point, I still would like to say that this is still a good Nendoroid to have and to play with and being a Kantai fan will also add more to the experience although I would not recommend this for first time Nendoroid buyers because of the sensitive parts.


Thank you for reading today’s post. How did my review go? I tried my best to make a thorough review without any bias although I need to admit it feels like I was so serious on this. I guess need to learn to be more outgoing on my future reviews. Anyways, any comments or suggestion will be very much appreciated so please don’t be shy on using the comments section below! Catch ya all later!




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