Nendoroid #710 Caster Unboxing+Review

Hello everyone! DarkdaemonPK2 here and welcome yet again to another edition of Hobby Corner. For today’s post I will unbox Nendoroid #710 which is Caster from the PSP game Fate/Extra. For those not familiar with this Caster (there are so many versions) she is one of the servants you can choose from the game and her true form is the nine-tailed fox or Hakumen Kinmou. Since I don’t have a PSP, buying a Nendoroid Caster was the best solution for me to bring home a foxy wife, in which I did. And after almost 6 months of agonizing wait, I finally received her (whew!).

The box is covered in blue except for the front of the box which is white. Like past Nendoroid boxes, you can view all the things you can do with this Nendoroid like the poses she is capable of and accessories that comes with it . Without further ado, let’s go ahead and open this!


The box contains a modest number of parts which includes an angry FP, a winking happy FP, a sitting pose, different bent knees, 2 bent arms, shoulders with hands that are clasped together, and an extra hand that is used to hold the spell tag. For the accessories we have the mirror which is her noble phantasm called “Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu” and a spell tag. Her base is as big as the bases used for some of the KanColle Nendoroids which is quite unusual considering she only uses a small amount of space.

Time to unwrap her!

Okay, time to remove the blister packs and get this unwrapping done and over with because the excitement is killing me!

Lo and behold! My lovely fox lady is finally here after I removed all the blister packs which protected her from any impurities that might harm her beauty. I primarily pre-ordered here due to her cuteness and also because of her adorable fox ears and tail. Her dress is colored blue just like in the PSP game and this Nendoroid can stand without using the base and connector all thanks to the ribbon that she is wearing which reaches down to the ground.

Caster dissected

If you will look closely, Caster’s body is divided into 3 parts: the torso, the belt where her tail and ribbon are also connected, and the lower body. Her lower dress is made of soft plastic and although flexible, is still prone to damage if yanked in a harsh way.

Her mirror accessory at first looks smudgy. Carefully remove the blister pack protecting it and the reflective mirror will reveal its true shiny form.

20170614_105106.jpgOnce her leg is removed, you will notice there is a peg instead of the usual connector (pardon my use of words here but I don’t actually know the right term to use) so removing her legs must be exercised with caution unless you want to re-order another Caster in no time.

20170614_105341.jpgThe tail is made of 2 joints and you can move it up and down and sideways in 180 degrees. The ribbon is connected to one of the joints of the tail in which you position it pointing upwards.

20170613_212424.jpgThe other set of arms can be used like so to create cute poses. The mirror has a connector of it’s own so that you can place it on the compatible slots near the base. Don’t apply to much force on attaching the connector at the back of the mirror otherwise it might break the peg for good.

20170611_221834.jpgIn order for Caster to sit, just remove the lower part of her body and use the sitting pose like so. This Nendoroid does not come with a cushion and the one she is using is from Nendoroid Akagi (#391).

20170613_215008.jpgThe spell tag is also made of soft plastic. In order for Caster to use it, just remove the default right hand on the right arm and slide in the spell tag.

20170613_222059.jpgPerhaps this is the most challenging pose I ever used for this Nendoroid since the weight of Caster makes her fall off the connector due to her weight while she is hanging in mid-air. With patience, you can also do this “Polygamist Castration Fist” attack (which actually looks like a Polygamist Castration Kick if you ask me). Just use the other bent leg to imitate a flying kick and whoever gets kicked on the “you-know-what” will surely bend in pain (ouch!).

20170616_230810(0).jpgThe only issue I can complain about this Nendoroid is the actual sleeves she is wearing. It’s nice but its actual design gets in the way when I swap hands parts in which I cannot make Caster hold long items since the sleeves prevents that from happening.


  • Beautifully made Nendoroid!
  • This nendoroid can stand without the use a base.
  • Nendoroid easy to assemble. Flexible in terms of doing poses.


  • The length of her sleeves prevents her from using other hand parts that can hold accessories.

She is cute, and cuddly, and her sexiness is so great that I would highly recommend her for collectors specially for Fate/ stay night fans who are also fans of this beautiful fox girl. Just don’t ask lotsa questions and buy her!


Thank you for reading today’s post. I would like to apologize to my dear readers for not writing anything last month due to my busy schedule. Being a teacher means prioritizing your responsibilities to your students before making posts in your although I would like to do both but I guess that will not be possible for the time being (sweat drop). Anyways, any comments or suggestion will be very much appreciated so please don’t be shy on using the comments section below!


“Welcome home, master!”

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