Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie in theaters tomorrow

visual_01_pcHello everyone! How are you all doing? It’s been a roller-coaster ride for me for the previous months since I’ve been very busy with my new occupation as a high school teacher so my apologies if I’m able to post just now (sweat drop). I really cannot promise I will be able to post every week but I will try my best to post more articles in the coming months. I’m also trying to make new articles to post here and I’m really excited on doing it but the only thing I don’t have is time… *sigh* Well anyways, it’s time for me to announce that Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie: Yukishita no Chikai (which translates to Oath Under Snow) will be in theaters in Japan tomorrow, August 26, 2017. I really want to watch it but unfortunately, I don’t have the means to travel to the land of the rising sun so I guess those in the homeland will be lucky enough to watch it first.

The only thing that I know based on the PV’s is that this will tell the tale of how Miyu lived in the alternate Fuyuki City together with her brother Shiro and how things were before the events of Prisma Illya, so I guess you can treat this as the ultimate prequel to the series.

Movie goers will have clear file folder as a freebie which is kind of lame since I wish they would give out something more decent than that. Well, I guess that is all the time we have today. I just hope this will be released in the Philippines where I live so that I can also watch it and make a review of it in the future. Bye for now!


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5 thoughts on “Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie in theaters tomorrow

  1. ah, a fellow pinoy and a fellow educator. hello there. ba’t di mo sinabi. haha.
    san k sa pinas? public o private? congrats!!!!

    and I don’t really watch my anime on the theatre, because I’m a filthy pirate, but I would happily support it if it comes on our province, which usually doesn’t. 😦

    1. Ako? Sa Headwaters College LTA sa Sapang Palay, Bulacan. I teach Oral Comm and Media and Information Literacy. And yes, my grammar is sometimes as faulty as my messed up brain.

      I’m a pirate as well but not because I want to, but because the means of importing original region 1 dvd from the west is practically filled with dangers and tragedies that I don’t want to partake in so downloading BLU-Ray/DVD rips is a healthier option.

      1. Sa batangas ako, kaso kumuha ako ng LET last march, at di ako umabot sa hiring. so tambay muna ako tutor lng muna. hehe. di ko naisip n pwede nmn mag apply kht ala licensya. haha

        yes, it’s too expensive for us to afford. and not the smart choice even though it’s the “best choice”.

      2. ala, bakit nmn? madali lng pre. anu b exam mo? educ grad o secondary?
        secondary akin, madali lng pag nag prepare ka. actually, ala sa aral yan eh o sa saulo.. tlgang basa k lng ng mga minsan ng lumabas sa exam. nasa internet nmn yn.
        tiwala lng!!!!! good luck!!!!!

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